Studio available for rent.

The studio offers north facing skylights, architect designed lighting system, broadband, adjustable heating system and 24 hour access to building. Beautiful communal space shared with 4 other artists in the building. Rent includes electricity and heating.

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PUBLIC PRESENTATIONS by artists participating in The Future is Domestic!

Future is Domestic Flyer Invitation eu
Estonian artists John Griznick and Evelyn Muursepp from MoKS, Estonia and Signe and Udri Pucene from SERDE, Latvia with Outrider Artists from Clare to be shared in the Courthouse Gallery, Ennistymon:
  •   Sunday, 12th of May from 3-5pm
  •  Saturday, 18th of May from 3-5pm.

All welcome to join us at this free public gathering for tea and dialogue.

THE RED COUCH SPACE in the Courthouse Gallery will be both an organic evolving exhibition space for the workshop findings and for the artists participating in The Future is Domestic!

It will unfold over the next 3 weeks as the artworks /findings reveal themselves through the sharing and making and any collaborations that emerge in this process.

The Future is Domestic! is a Culture Connects project presented by Clare County Arts Office and hosted by Outrider Artists.

A shared artistically experimental exploration of art making in a small rural community of Monreal North, Ennistymon, Co. Clare, from 11- 18 May, 2013,

The Future is Domestic! uses the materiality of making to lead discourse and raise questions in the research of the merging of domestic and public spaces by hosting residencies and workshops over the week in a rural domestic setting.

Courthouse  Gallery opening hours for free viewing are Tues- Sat, 12pm-4pm

For more information please contact:

This project is supported by the EU Local Partnership Scheme for transnational cultural co-operation.

The Future is Domestic!

 Future is Domestic Flyer Invitation eu 

As part of the Culture Connects National Programme, celebrating Ireland’s Presidency of the Council of Europe, the Arts Office of Clare County Council in conjunction with Outrider Artists is delighted to present ‘The Future is Domestic! in Ennistymon from the 12th to the 19th May. This workshop-led exploration of the theme “The Future is Domestic!” will include artists from MoKs, Centre for Art and Social Practice, Estonia, with SERDE, a centrefor art, folklore and heritage in Lativia, and Outrider artists and friends in a rural domestic community in Monreal North, Ennistymon, Co.Clare.

Outrider Artists is a loose association of artists based in rural North Clare, varying in numbers and participation in response to each project. They have a history of merging domestic and public spaces, through hosting artists in their homes, creating pop up galleries, sharing facilities and knowledge and exhibiting/performing in unusual spaces here and abroad. Outrider Artists now wish to continue that positive creative empowerment through collaborating with artists from MoKS, Estonia, and SERDE, Latvia. Shared workshops and public presentations are the formats to explore the theme of this gathering and acquire new artistic skills through the process of making.

The unique creative team of Evelyn Muursepp and John Grzinich, from MoKs, both internationally recognized artists in their individual fields of drawing and sound have constructed a workshop that also has a level of social consciousness to be explored in its realization. SERDE are offering two workshops; gathering herbs and making alcohol tinctures. Techniques of distillery and fermentation are new to us and welcome as new methodologies for making & creating.

MoKS, SERDE and the invited artists participating in the workshops will give public presentations at the beginning and at the end of the weeks’ work in the Courthouse Gallery, Ennistymon, to a public audience.

All are welcome to this free sharing from 3-5pm Sunday 12th May and Saturday, 18th May from 3-5pm.

According to Jimmy Deenihan, TD, Ministers for Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht, “Culture Connects is a wide and varied programme engaging artists and citizens in Ireland with artists and colleagues based elsewhere in Europe.” The Future is Domestic! is funded through the Arts Council element of Culture Connects. “This … element encourages artistic partnership and co-operation across international boundaries in Europe and recognises international artistic exchange and transnational cultural co-operation as important dimensions of Irish arts” he goes on to say.

The Future is Domestic! has a strong European dimension featuring international artists who have a very considered art practice/social engagement and bring aspects of their cultures very clearly defined with them. This process is ambitiously reaching out to use the trans-local seeds of creativity to generate new models of collaboration and art practice in rural settings.

By setting up innovative conditions for creative experiment, taking risks and peer to peer learning through workshops and a residential shared week together, we are opening the knowledge base in this inventive gathering for new artistic methodologies to emerge. Focusing on dialogue through the materiality of making, while exploring the theme topic “The future is domestic!”, unusual models of art praxis may arise to support novel ways of sustaining art in rural remote areas. The high standard of creative output by these visiting artists of various art disciplines combined with their diverse backgrounds in art training and education, matched by those of their Irish counterparts, creates an environment for cross fertilization of disciplines that potentially can ultimately lead to radically ground breaking new artworks being created.

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The Fabric of the West of Ireland

An exhibition of photographs by Niall Kerrigan and Patrick McHugh from May 4 – May 30. The opening will be on Sat. May 4th at 4pm. All welcome

Off Season – Photography by Niall Kerrigan 

tickets please

The concept of Off Season comes from the months when holiday homes/villages are unoccupied, the atmosphere this creates and the sense of life in suspended animation; reminiscent of the famine villages.

Shops in small, seaside towns waiting for the tourist business to come back; colourful playgrounds and amusements sitting empty.

Unlike the famine villages there is a justifiable expectation of renewed life but for the moment – ‘Off Season’- they are virtually deserted. Buildings and amenities lose their function. There is a dereliction that creates an atmosphere that, not surprisingly, has suggested itself as the setting for menacing tales to unfold in, in both literature and film.

There is also a great beauty to this abandonment; it allows everything to be seen at its most fundamental, allowing a clarity of vision and attention to detail impossible during high season. Since moving from city life to a seaside village five years ago this aesthetic has seeped into my consciousness and ‘Off Season’ is my attempt to portray its desolate beauty.

Niall Kerrigan is an award winning graphic designer originally from Dublin, now based in Killala, County Mayo. Since moving to Mayo, he has documented the area he lives and works in through the medium of photography which includes his first major body of work; Derelict: Silent & Still an exhibition inspired by the architecture of abandonment.

The Fabric of the West of Ireland – Potography by Patrick McHugh

Patrick McHugh - Gerard Ginnane

Patrick McHugh – Gerard Ginnane

It is the textures or fabric of the west of Ireland that effects my work wherever I go, be it in my personal, editorial or advertising work. I find texture or fabric tends to be evident in much of my photography. The texture or fabric of a face, a surface, a tree, a landscape seems to be ever evident. This exhibition shows some personal work and some of my published editorial work with a strong emphasis in Black and White photography.

Although born in Ireland, Patrick McHugh spent his early years in Greenwich Village, New York City, returning to spend his teenage years in Ireland. After graduating from St. Flannans, Ennis, he rode the wave of emigration out of Ireland, returning to NYC to study at the School of Visual Arts and at Parsons School of Art and Design.
Assisting in New York and London at some of the more established photography studios introduced him to the world of editorial fashion and advertising. And after building a fashion portfolio in Madrid, opened a 2000 sq. ft. studio near the Guinness Headquarters in Dublin, Ireland. Four years later again returning to New York to set up in the Greenwich Village.
Patrick spent a decade concentrating in the Big Apple on Editorial Magazine and Catalog fashion photography. In 2001 he moved to one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, Barcelona, basing his office in the intrinsic barrio of El Borne for several years.
Today he is an established fashion and advertising photographer based in the west of Ireland.
Dividing his time between commercial and personal photography projects. His work has appeared in a wide array of national and international magazines, brand clients have included Aer Lingus, McDonald’s, Mazda, Time Inc. and some of Patrick’s personal projects have featured in Communication Arts, the New York Photo Festival and the Royal Hibernian Academy.