Linocut Print Workshops in the Courthouse Gallery with Mike O’Connor.

We invite those interested in the print process seen in Mike O’Connor’s current exhibition, ‘The Middle of Nowhere / The Centre of the Universe’ in the gallery – colour linocuts on paper.
Mike O’Connor has been making prints in North Clare for over thirty years, mostly landscape images.
The workshop will use a small iron Albion press made in 1868, like the one used to make the prints on show.

To attend one of three workshops where Mike will demonstrate printmaking and assist those who come to make a print of their own.

Three separate events:

-under 10 years old, Sunday 28th June & Sunday 5th July, from 2-3.30 pm. Adm. €5
-teenagers & adults, Tuesday 23rd June from 7-9 pm. Adm. €10, unwaged €5

Contact The Courthouse Gallery 065-7071630 to make a reservation or

‘So don’t rely on the starry skies’

A multi-disciplinary exhibition by Audrey O’Brien and Willie Redmond

From July 17 – August 6

Audrey O’Brien presents a new installation and a participatory artwork. The installation comprises sculptures from a previous participatory event ‘Timber Mirror Walk’ 2013 and new work inspired by ‘B Modes’ – twisted patterns of light – believed by many scientists to be evidence of activity at the very beginnings of our Universe.audreyobrien

O’Brien’s work is process-based, and often reflects her interest in primordial structures – in her own words ‘I am driven when spontaneous actions form, beauty in chaos, order in chaos’. Audrey’s recent research has led her to fall in love with an idea, expressed by Jan Tauber, ESA project scientist: “Searching for this unique record of the very early Universe [B Modes] is as difficult as it is exciting…” The work draws on the tools used for capturing such as the telescope and camera as well as the analogue quality of postcards. In an attempt to understand the art, philosophy, psychology and science of capturing, Audrey is issuing an open invite to a collective capturing using her sculptural objects.

 Willie Redmond presents paintings on round format canvasses.The paintings are based on waterway details and the memories associated with such areas.  In these water pieces, the universal of time, memory, light, life, surface, water, the abstract and texture are combined with weather and time changes.    Willie Redmond-Round Ditch,Acrylic on canvas,50 cm dia

Years of observations by fishing, walking and watching such areas are transferred into contemplative pieces strengthened by the round presentations.The canvasses convey the textures, colours and moods of the habitats and the diptych adds to the balance of experience. All kind of weather moods on the water surface can be experienced in his paintings. The waterscapes are compact in size, however reveal themselves in many layers and seasons. Local in subject, universal in outlook.


Participatory Art Work / Walk – with Audrey O’Brien

This event will run twice, both starting at Courthouse Gallery:

Saturday 18th July @ 11:00am, Adult session – venue: Cliffs of Moher

Note that it is essential that participants have access to a vehicle and are prepared for an outdoor walk along unpaved tracks. The sessions are expected to last up to two hours.

Wednesday 22nd July @ 11:00am – venue: Ennistymon

This session will take place in a child friendly location and is open for everyone.

To book a place on either session please email or phone the Courthouse Gallery.

Limited numbers so please book early to avoid disappointment. Tel: 065 707 1630 or email:

This participatory event will be recorded and photographed. By booking a place you will be agreeing to be recorded and photographed.



‘Segullah – Treasured Possession’ –

New mixed media work, pondering notions of belonging by Ann Vaughan

From July 17 – August 6

Ann Vaughan small

Ann Vaughan is a native of Liscannor, County Clare, and a graduate of CCAM Galway. She works from her Open Studio by the shore in Clahane, Liscannor.

The Mixed Media work in this exhibition is concerned with thoughts of where we belong and who we belong to. “I collect treasure. I seek it out, I dig, I excavate. Of course what I consider treasure might not be of any value to you. Mine comes from the shores around Liscannor Bay, the gems that the tides throw up all smooth and shaped by the battering of the waves, all unique.

“As a Christian I was surprised to find the word Segullah in the Scriptures, meaning Treasured Possession, says Ann. It’s the word God uses to describe His people. What a beautiful image!” – “Out of all nations you will be my ‘Treasured Possession’ is what He said of the Jewish Nation (Exodus 19:5). And now as Christians today this privilege is extended to us. We are His ‘Chosen People..(1Peter 2:9). I think that’s so great, He values me, not because I’m great or do loads of good stuff, but because I gave my heart to Jesus 25 years ago. He has made me His own”.

Where is your treasure? “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Said by the wisest man who ever lived.


Crystal Singing Bowls Performance

A Performance with Crystal Bowls with Mirari Bahamonde Ugarte
Saturday, June 13th at 8 pm
Admission: €10


Thouse Crystal Bowls are made of the highest quality (99.992% pure!) quartz crystal and the finest in gemstones and precious metals making them incredibly resonant and pure in tone.
The tones produced by crystal bowls are not just heard by the ear, you feel them in your whole body, with certain tones affecting particular parts of your bodies that need more attention for healing and balancing. They are also made with intention.

When an organ or body part is healthy, it creates a natural resonant frequency in harmony with the rest of the body. When the vibration of a part of the body is out of harmony, we have dis-ease and a different sound pattern is established in the affected part of the body. When sound is projected into the dis-eased area, correct harmonic patterns are restored. Crystal Bowls, containing the qualities of the amplification, storage, transfer and transformation, are powerful tools in affecting change in one´s life.


I use my voice in a personal way. The human voice is probably the most powerful musical instrument! – I use Mantras which have been used for thousands of years. – I combine positive purpose with the properties (amplification, transfer andtransformation) of the Crystals as well.


You need to bring your own blankets and pillow and comfortable cloths.

Enjoy the wisdom and the magic that Crystal Bowls bring you. Come to relax!
Science has determined that human beings when they´re relaxed vibrate at exactly the same number of cycles per second as the Earth!