‘….the sea’s furthest end’ by Maurice Quillinan


Opening 8pm Friday 4th November
Exhibition runs until Saturday 3rd December


“My work has always been about exploring the spirit of the landscape. I am fascinated by what makes a place a place and at the same time different from many other seemingly similar locations. The work in this exhibition are explorations of three places, Lahinch strand, Anse Mejan (Toulon, France)  and Hungshan (China)

The coding of the colours and marks which make up the paintings and drawings in this exhibition were formatted during a visit to Huangshan, (the Yellow Mountain) in eastern China. This is where the ‘Shanshui’ (mountain and water) style of painting was born in the mid-16th century. This is a majestic dreamy landscape usually high above the cloud line where many Buddhist temples were once sited. I was particularly intrigued by the way thick mists cloaked weird abstract chunks of pine covered granite, intermittently revealing then concealing the extraordinary secretive compositions and by the giant ancient rock inscriptions which appear every now and then along the many walking trails. These were put here by monks and poets as meditational insights, both for themselves and travellers to this unique place. The calligraphy did not impose on the environment, but seemed perfectly in harmony with their surroundings.  I made a number of drawings and took many photographs but could not figure out how to respond to Huangshan’s spirit.  Thus these new works are far more  abstract than my output has been for a long time, as were the large outcrops of granite, surface dressed with huge red and yellow calligraphic poems. I felt that a literal visual response to Lahinch Strand and Anse Mejan was inadequate to clearly assess and promulgate my understanding of these locations, so I decided to follow the example of the ancient monks and literally ‘draw’ on the landscape, the marks simultaneously suggesting recognisable forms and being  wholly individual elements themselves. I could not read the language of the ancient texts, so the abstract marks I have used try to echo the mystery of the long ago authors. Thus the drawn shapes, washes, marks and forms hold and emit real and emotional spiritual memories, similar to the way the fogs and texts of Huangshan suggest the past, present and future.

All the drawings are Conte crayon, Gouache and watercolour on paper. The paintings are oil on linen, dating from 2015 – 2016.”

Maurice Quillinan
Limerick 2016


The Ecology of a Multidimensional Landscape by Tanya Harris

 Red Couch Space

Opening 8pm Friday 4th November
Exhibition runs until Saturday 3rd December



Since returning to Ireland from living in London, Tanya Harris has been exploring the rural landscape of Clare through the lens of the mystic, examining sites of myth and folklore through phenomenology and geomancy. This exhibition offers a snapshot of her current research interests, from the potency of myth to the reality of its unique landscape.

“Humanity co-exists with Earth and its consciousness, Gaia. Thousands of years ago, people believed in the power of the elementals and understood that nature is multidimensional. This body of work consists of digital and mixed media collages, drawing, video and audio works inspired by a workshop in May 2016 given by Marko Pogacnik, where we explored energetic places in Clare along Gaia’s ley lines and acupuncture points. During this workshop we intentionally aligned with the elemental energies by means of an ancient science, geomancy; the ability relate to the consciousness of Earth. When you start to recognize the trees and plants and mountains and landscapes as consciousness you are becoming aware that the intelligence of nature is one and the same.”

Tanya Harris
Ennistymon 2016


Artist Biography

Tanya Harris is a multidisciplinary artist from Tipperary, Ireland. She completed her BA at Chelsea College of Arts, London and MA at Central Saint Martins (2013). During her Master’s thesis she explored the relationship between sound and geometry in her project The Architecture of Sound. She has exhibited this work at London Design Festival (2013), at Resonance and Recapitulation at Ormston House Gallery, Limerick (2015), at the Sounding Space symposium in London (2013), Oxford Brookes University (2015) and CARU Arts re Search Conference in Oxford (2015).


For the ambisonic structure the BE OPEN: Sound Portal (London, 2013) she created a 10 channel audio piece, while in 2014 Everything is a Result of Frequency was an installation that facilitated a live interactive experience of resonance at Fringe Arts Bath (2014) and Townsland Carnival (2015). In 2014, Tanya travelled to Peru to meet the Shipibo tribe who originally inspired her to explore the relationship between sound and geometry. She lived with the Shipibo tribe for a month in the Amazonian jungle where she recorded Sulmira a Shipibo shaman. (Marosa, 2014) Harris’ work has been included in many publications including The State of Art: Sculpture & 3D (Bare Hill Publishing, UK, 2013) & Site Specific (UK, 2015), Pioneer Works in Print, (New York, 2015), E-Squared Magazine in Rhode Island,(2016), Symatic Stimuli in Hawaii, (USA, 2015) and Creators Project (New York, 2016)



Participle Notes ll

This one day event is a celebration of socially engaged arts practices, which could be described broadly as practices which can be embedded in broad social goals, networks and cultural practices.
These may involve engagement with communities of place or interest and a sharing of ‘expert’ and ‘lay’ knowledge.
Fold and Rise, (Maeve Collins and Julie Griffiths) the ongoing durational project that featured as part of Culture Night in Ennistymon, will join other socially engaged art practitioners for a day of workshops, games, presentations, investigations, conversations, reading groups, tea parties and Community Soup Making.
Drop in/out at any time, bring a vegetable to transform, share and eat.
Free with light refreshments provided.

Doolin ‘Stone Axe Factory’ Revisited – a Talk by Michael Lynch

The next talk in the North Clare Historical Society’s current lecture series will take place on Monday 24th October at the Courthouse, Ennistymon when Michael Lynch will   present an illustrated talk entitled   Doolin ‘Stone Axe Factory’ Revisited.

This presentation will give the initial results from the recent excavation at Ballaghaline, Dooliin and also an account of many of the stone axes from Co. Clare.

Michael has previously lectured to the society on the Late Mesolithic Shell Midden  excavation in Fanore.

The talk will begin at 8pm. Admission is €5 and all are welcome.

Watercolour Classes with Patsy Ricks

( Basic drawing ability required )

Enrolment and demonstration – 7 pm, Tuesday, October 25

4 weekly classes starting Tuesday, November 1 from 7-9 pm
and finishing on Tuesday, November 22.

I am an artist with over 40 years’ experience working in watercolours.
I will be teaching different techniques in the application of the medium. Starting from basic washes to the more detailed areas such as dry brush, this 4 week course will help you to open a new and very enjoyable chapter in your life!

The maximum class size is 6 students.

If you are interested in enrolling, please contact me by text on 087-2022176

Power of 3: Moon, Quartz and Irish Blessings

Power of 3: Full Moon, Quartz and Irish Blessings.
Crystal Quartz Sounds Concert

Friday, October 14th @ 7:30

Mirari has taught yoga many years to adults and children and has experience of using her voice and different instruments in a healing way.
In these events, she uses sounds of alchemy crystal bowls and ultra-lite crystal bowls.

She uses her voice in a personal and intuitive way combining Mantras and specific vowels.

Also she works with INTENTION (harmony, acceptance, unity, joy, compassion, love…) and the properties of the crystal bowls (amplification, transfer and transformation).

“I believe in the power of the united and I use the sacred sounds of the crystal quartz bowls to amplify the power of this united consciousness.”


Our physical body has a natural affinity to QUARTZ. In a molecular level, our cells contain silica, which balances our electro-magnetic energies, and this is the same formula as natural quartz crystal.

The Crystal Bowls are made of the highest quality (99.992% pure!) quartz crystal and the finest in gemstones and precious metals making them incredibly RESONANT and PURE in tone.


These sessions will accompany your life process…people will come and try to feel as comfortable and relaxed as they can, allowing the sound to help them to clean their suffering, resentment, confusion, disconnection, trauma…and especially to activate all our light, our gifts, joy and beauty, our serenity and harmony, silence and freedom which are in our bodies.
If we understand illness as a reflection of disharmony between the physical body and the soul, then we can understand that the cure can arrive by balancing the magnetic qualities of the higher subtle bodies.

Through PURE tones one can re-pattern the energy field organisation that ultimately affect the cellular expression of disease and of wellness.

The PURE sound of the crystal quartz bowls  reverberates  through the bodies , touching where it may  and in so doing, creating balance.


Your own blanket, pillow and things you need to make yourself very comfortable. Also water and if you want, some especial stones you have at home.
Duration of a session is about 1 hour and cost is €12.