Dorothea Lange’s Images of Clare – Culture Night – September 16 @ 8 pm

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A talk by Gerry Mullins and Martina Cleary

 Gerry Mullins author of ‘Dorothea Lange’s Ireland’ and visual artist/researcher Martina Cleary, will discuss photography, memory and place related to iconic works by Dorothea Lange, from her 1954 visit to County Clare. Several original images from Mullin’s (1998) book are included in the exhibition ‘The Suitcase Archive’ running at The Courthouse Gallery Ennistymon from 20th Aug – 16th Sept.



The Suitcase Archive by Martina Cleary

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20th Aug to 16th Sept 2016
This exhibition presents works created over a four-year period, as part of practice-based PhD research at The European Centre for Photographic Research, Newport. The work explores how the photograph operates as a site of mnemonic return, in particular how certain images function as more than visual document, to trigger deeper affective associations and processes of narrative return. The exhibition traces several memory journeys from the personal to the collective, using images, texts and objects, to explore how memory work can become a creative method and aesthetic, to reconstitute ideas of identity, place and belonging. The work in the exhibition is presented as three chapters, based on sites in Helsinki, Paris and County Clare. The final chapter, responds to several images by American photographer Dorothea Lange, from her 1954 visit to Ireland. Twenty-five prints by Lange in the exhibition are on loan from author Gerry Mullins, and relate to his (1998) publication ‘Dorothea Lange’s Ireland’. In addition to these prints, the exhibition also contains ten previously unpublished images from the Lange Archives of The Oakland Museum of California. The show also includes a number of works made in collaboration with participants from a community-based project responding to Lange’s images, conducted in Kilkeedy with the assistance of the Creating Space Project Grant 2015.
As part of Culture Night 2016, Gerry Mullins and Martina Cleary will also discuss the topic of Photography, Memory & Place in Lange’s images of Clare, in relation to work in the exhibition, on Friday 16th Sept @ 8:00pm.
Martina Cleary is a multi-media artist based in Co. Clare. In Ireland she attended NCAD and the Crawford College of Art and Design, followed by studies at The Finnish Academy of Fine Art and the Aalto University School of Art, Design and Architecture in Helsinki. Martina has exhibited nationally and internationally since the mid 1990’s, with support from the Arts Councils of Ireland and Finland, The Finnish Cultural Foundation, the Clare County Arts Office and a number of other organisations in both Ireland and abroad. Recently her work has been shown at Cité Internationale Des Universitaire de Paris (2016), Format (2015) in the UK, The Athens Photo Festival (2015) main exhibitions at the Benakki Museum, Impressions (2015) in Galway, the Obscura Festival (2015) in Tiblisi, and Just Another PhotoFestival (2015) New Delhi. In 2015 she was also an invited artist for the international Flaneur New Urban Narratives project in Lisbon. Along with her work as an artist, Martina is currently an Associate Researcher at The European Centre for Photographic Research in Wales and a lecturer in Lens-Based Media at Limerick School of Art and Design. Further information on the artist is available at email:

Some important news for artists – Open call from Sophia, Bulgaria

Hello dear Friend of Lessedra,

It is again my pleasure to invite you for the upcoming 7th International Art Exhibition in
Painting, Drawing, Watercolour, Collage, Photograph, Digital, Mixed Media…

With a respect to the quality of Art not to the size of Art

We start collecting of the works in September according to the conditions
(not updated yet, but the only changes are the dates…)…

Deadline for sending packages is November 10th.

Looking forward to continue our cooperation…

Thank you very much for your attention.

With my best wishes from Sofia.

Yours Georgi

The Space Between by Sarah Fuller and Maria Kerin

July 15th –  August 11th 2016

Maria and Sarah Image

This exhibition presents a film installation, ‘Other Possibilities’ in the main gallery by Sarah Fuller, and a series of presentation-performances, ‘Actualities’ by Maria Kerin.

Since 2007 Fuller and Kerin have often met to explore playfully and experiment through an open ended creative process that has centred on embodied movement. Out of these movement sketches a shared theme revealed itself; The Space Between.

Sarah Fuller investigates this through an artistic response to memory loss and dementia, exploring the abstract space between what is there and what has past. This body of work was kindly supported by The Arts Council, Create, and the Clare Arts Office and is the result of a long period of research and development with people affected by dementia. It incorporates storytelling, shadow, object play and moving image.

Maria Kerin investigates this through somatic movement exploring inherited identity, focusing on arthritis from the female line of her family, expressed through a participatory presentation-performance with emphasis on hands.

The raised space in the gallery will hold the W.B. Yeats Outrider friendship calendar, curated by Maria Kerin, which includes work by Sarah Fuller, Maria Kerin and Sven Eric Stanberg who is also exhibiting in the Red Couch Space at this time.

Above the Clouds by Sven-Erik Stamberg

RED COUCH SPACE July 15th – August 11th  
‘I live and work in the small borough Viimsi in Estonia. Since 1997 I have been exhibiting my work in a number of group and solo exhibitions in Estonia, Finland, Latvia, USA and Ireland. Exhibition “Above the Clouds” consists of giclee prints from my new collage series. Before materialisation all combats and battles are held on the idea level or so to speak, above the clouds or in the spirit.’ Sven-Erik Stamberg.

Sven Erik Stamberg Image small

and we sense something
always afterwards,
when it echoes back
out of our memory,
an enduring murmur and
in the thicket
the smell of longing

Sven-Erik Stamberg

Feile Latino 2016,Saturday June 25th – 7.30pm – Entry 5 Euro



Féile Latino 2016 

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Featuring Duo Pablo and Lola – Folk Music from Argentina

Pablo and Lola 1

James Sheppard – Ennistymon Singer Songwriter 

James SHeppard 2

Clare To Here – Irish Song and Dance

Noirin Lynch / Paddy Mulcahy / Clara Buteler / Lenka Hoffmannova 

Ennistymon Courthouse Gallery 

Saturday 25th of June – 7.30pm – Entry 5 Euro

All profits to go to Burren Chernobyl Project 

‘Sound, Patterning and Resonance’ a talk by Tanya Harris, June 23 @ 3 pm

The Shipibo people are an ancient tribe who live in the Amazon rainforest in Peru. They still practice their spiritual customs and traditions after thousands of years. In the last forty years, there has been a continual rise in people’s interest in tradi- tional indigenous cultures that engage with the unseen forces of nature and altered states of consciousness. ‘ Look deep into nature then you will understand everything better’ – Einstein.

In the Amazon, hunters can smell urine at forty paces and tell you what species left it behind. The taxonomy of Amazonian shamans is remarkable when they begin to characterize and systematize creation. They can consistently distinguish different plants at great distance. You ask a shaman what the foundation of their taxonomy is and they say, ‘Well, the plants talk to us’. To our rational mind, it is nonsense to think that plants can talk. Yet, it is only nonsense because it does not fit in our paradigm. When we consider the possibility that different society’s belief systems create different levels of perceptions but also different realities, what does that say to you?

Sulmira is a Shipibo shaman, whose name means grounded bright shining light. It is custom for Shipibo people to ingest thousands of different plants, flowers and trees that induces an altered state of consciousness. Ayahausca is an entheogen and master plant in Shipibo culture. They have the intention to connect with the spirit of each plant while living in isolation for 2-6 months and eating a very simple diet. Sulmira spoke to me about a plant called Marosa, which taught her about love and protection. This plant has a feminine vibration, she continues. ‘Each plant has a different personality just like people. People will receive differ- ent messages from each plant depending on how they get on.’

Shipibo shamans receive healing songs or ‘icaros’ from the plants while there are in a trance after ingesting the plant. They use these songs as healing tools in aya-hausca ceremonies. Icaros are then translated into geometric colourful tapestries, which embody the healing messages of the icaros.

Nothing is really solid. Everything is connected; we are constantly moving within a vibrational matrix. There is consciousness in all living things. Consciousness communicates continuously by vibrations of electromagnetic frequencies. Earth is alive and holds the knowledge that we seek, our state of consciousness affects what Earth reveals.


Main St, Ennistymon, Co. Clare.  View of Main Street,  Ennistymon looking south.

Main St, Ennistymon, Co. Clare. View of Main Street, Ennistymon looking south.

E N N I S T Y M O N   M I D S U M M E R   F E S T I V A LJ U N E  2 3 – J U N E  2 6,  2 0 1 6

The Courthouse Artists’ Studios will be open to the viewing public from 10 am-7 pm throughout the festival.

The Courthouse Gallery will be open from 12-5 throughout the festival.


‘Sound, Patterning and Resonance’ a talk by Tanya Harris

Date: Thursday, 23rd June                                              
Venue: The Courthouse Gallery
Time: 3 pm


Bonfire Night: Memories of St John’s Eve in Ennistymon.

Come and listen to memories of Bonfire Night as celebrated in bygone days recorded from many senior residents of Ennistymon and surrounding areas of North Clare by Frances Madigan of Cuimhneamh an Chláir, Clare Oral History & Folklore Group.  This listening event which will be followed by a discussion and an opportunity to share your memories of Bonfire Night. 
Date: Thursday, 23rd June                                              
Venue: The Courthouse, Ennistymon
Time: 7.30 pm  




Drama workshop Midsummer Festival with Eleanor Feely
Divining Drama. An introduction to the art of theatre making. No experience necessary just an open mind, loose clothing and a shared sense of fun. This introductory session is free to all ages 12 to 90.

Eleanor Feely is an award winning theatre director and actor. She trained at the Stanislavski Studio at the Focus Theatre Dublin and at the Theatre du Soleil in Paris. She is an artistic director of Clare Youth Theatre

Date: Friday, June 24                                            
Venue: The Courthouse Gallery
Time: 3 pm


Concert: Féile Latino 2016  
Featuring : 
Duo Pablo and Lola – Folk Music from Argentina
James Sheppard – Ennistymon Singer Songwriter 
Clare To Here – Irish Song and Dance
Noirin Lynch / Paddy Mulcahy / Clara Buteler / Lenka Hoffmannova 

Date: Friday, June 24                                            
Venue: The Courthouse Gallery
Time: 3 pm
Entry 5 Euro
All profits to go to Burren Chernobyl Project 

Mirari Summer Solstice

Let´s celebrate  together 

with the Sacred Sounds of the Crystal Bowls and

all the Blessings we receive from the 

Summer Solstice and Full Moon!

Tuesday, June 21st at 7:30

Price for the session: € 12