The Ecology of a Multidimensional Landscape by Tanya Harris

 Red Couch Space

Opening 8pm Friday 4th November
Exhibition runs until Saturday 3rd December



Since returning to Ireland from living in London, Tanya Harris has been exploring the rural landscape of Clare through the lens of the mystic, examining sites of myth and folklore through phenomenology and geomancy. This exhibition offers a snapshot of her current research interests, from the potency of myth to the reality of its unique landscape.

“Humanity co-exists with Earth and its consciousness, Gaia. Thousands of years ago, people believed in the power of the elementals and understood that nature is multidimensional. This body of work consists of digital and mixed media collages, drawing, video and audio works inspired by a workshop in May 2016 given by Marko Pogacnik, where we explored energetic places in Clare along Gaia’s ley lines and acupuncture points. During this workshop we intentionally aligned with the elemental energies by means of an ancient science, geomancy; the ability relate to the consciousness of Earth. When you start to recognize the trees and plants and mountains and landscapes as consciousness you are becoming aware that the intelligence of nature is one and the same.”

Tanya Harris
Ennistymon 2016


Artist Biography

Tanya Harris is a multidisciplinary artist from Tipperary, Ireland. She completed her BA at Chelsea College of Arts, London and MA at Central Saint Martins (2013). During her Master’s thesis she explored the relationship between sound and geometry in her project The Architecture of Sound. She has exhibited this work at London Design Festival (2013), at Resonance and Recapitulation at Ormston House Gallery, Limerick (2015), at the Sounding Space symposium in London (2013), Oxford Brookes University (2015) and CARU Arts re Search Conference in Oxford (2015).


For the ambisonic structure the BE OPEN: Sound Portal (London, 2013) she created a 10 channel audio piece, while in 2014 Everything is a Result of Frequency was an installation that facilitated a live interactive experience of resonance at Fringe Arts Bath (2014) and Townsland Carnival (2015). In 2014, Tanya travelled to Peru to meet the Shipibo tribe who originally inspired her to explore the relationship between sound and geometry. She lived with the Shipibo tribe for a month in the Amazonian jungle where she recorded Sulmira a Shipibo shaman. (Marosa, 2014) Harris’ work has been included in many publications including The State of Art: Sculpture & 3D (Bare Hill Publishing, UK, 2013) & Site Specific (UK, 2015), Pioneer Works in Print, (New York, 2015), E-Squared Magazine in Rhode Island,(2016), Symatic Stimuli in Hawaii, (USA, 2015) and Creators Project (New York, 2016)