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Think Again - Critical Thinking in Art and Education

Saturday 13th October 2018

The seminar Think Again: Critical Thinking in Art & Education provided a space for ideas and thoughts to collide and exchange as experimental pedagogy and contemporary art practices aligned with the concept of critical thinking in education today, inside and outside the classroom.

Speakers Prof. Aislinn O’Donnell and Artist / Educator John Beattie shared their research and experiences of working in art education using new methodologies and ideas, while writer and critic Michaële Cutaya wrote a review of both the event and the associated exhibition, Out of Place.

About Aislinn O’Donnell

Presentation Title: Encountering the world: Contemporary art and philosophical enquiry in the classroom. 

Professor of Education in Maynooth University and a founding member of Philosophy Ireland, Aislinn O’Donnell believes, fundamentally, in the power of philosophy.

O’Donnell is interested in exploring innovative and experimental approaches to teaching philosophy, fostering cross-disciplinary dialogue between philosophy and other subject areas, such as contemporary art, and developing expansive pedagogical strategies. She has been involved in introducing philosophy to a range of settings including; schools and prisons trusting the premise that critical thinking and creative thought hold immeasurable power. Aislinn will share insights into a number of projects and collaborations with a unifying purpose of expanding thinking processes and pedagogical approaches – philosophical reflections are a guarantee.

 About John Beattie

John Beattie is an Irish visual artist, originally from Donegal, and currently lives and works in Dublin. His practice is centred on interrogating the traditional ideal of the artist, and the location of “the studio”. Through moving-image, photography, and drawing, Beattie explores new meaning and value in the context of the social-political space the artists' studio embodies.

Beattie will present three projects: Thinking Visual (2014), Magnetic Fields (2015), and The Masterplan (2016) that he has evolved in educational contexts working within Art School, the curatorial framework directed by Jennie Guy in 2014 which focuses on establishing new interfaces between contemporary art and sites of education. The projects prioritise experimentation, risk taking, and critical thinking, resulting in a rich experience for the artist, the students, and the partnering schools. http://www.johnbeattie.ie

 About Michaële Cutaya

Michaële Cutaya is a writer, researcher and editor on art living in County Galway. She writes essays and reviews for Irish publications in print and online. She co-founded Fugitive Papers with James Merrigan in 2011. She continues a contextual writing and discursive practice in the West of Ireland and has regularly participated in public discussions on art and its broader social and political framework. She is editor at CIRCA Art Magazine.

Michaële will be writing an essay reflecting on the interplay between CeA/R/T exhibition ‘Out of Place’ (currently installed in the Courthouse gallery, Ennistymon) and the seminar Think Again as well as a report for Visual Artist's News Sheet to be published in the regional focus on Co. Clare Nov/Dec edition and the Irish Times Education. Michaela will introduce this undertaking at the event and give a short address.

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