Evening of Estonian and Irish contemporary music and poetry

Saturday 11 October at 8 pmResonabilis photo small

Poetry: Miriam Mcilfatrick-Ksenofontov, contemporary Estonian poetry

Music: performed by Ensemble Resonabilis (Estonia): Iris Oja (voice), Kristi Mühling (kannel), Tarmo Johannes (flute), Aare Tammesalu (violoncello)

Eugen Birman “Ad mortem“for voice, flute, kannel and cello (2014, première)
Malle Maltis “A Match“for voice and cello (2012). Text: Algernon Charles Swinburne
Jane O’Leary“A Resonance of Emerald” for flute, kannel and cello (2014, première)

Age Veeroos “Enesekaotus“(“Losing oneself“) for voice and alto flute (2002) Text: Ilmar Laaban
John Buckley “Alla Luna“for solo kannel (2014, première)
Helena Tulve “North Wind, South Wind” (2010) for voice, flute, kannel and cello. Text: Mevlana Jalalludin Rumi, Song of songs

Ensemble Resonabilis (resonabilis, Latin for ringing, sounding), called “the bravest ensemble of Estonia” in press, is one of the most active and peculiar contemporary music ensembles in Estonia. It consists of a unique combination of instruments  voice, flute, cello and kannel.  The kannel is a traditional Estonian plucked instrument with a very distinctive sound and an extremely wide range of playing capabilities.
Resonabilis was founded in 2002. Since then the ensemble has worked closely with composers to extend its repertoire. Almost all the leading contemporary Estonian composers have written original music for Resonabilis. The ensemble has performed at most of the contemporary music festivals in Estonia, as well as have had concerts in Finland, Latvia, Russia, Austria, Iran, Sweden, Germany, Ireland, Moldova and the United Kingdom.  Since 2006 Resonabilis has run its own concert series, ReVisioon, which connects music and the visual arts. Resonabilis has also performed alongside the internationally renowned poets Philip Gross (UK),  Nuala Ní Dhomhnaill (Ireland) and Eva Runefelt (Sweden).
In 2012 Resonabilis received prestigious annual award of Estonian Cultural Endowment for copious concert activity and high-level performances of Estonian new music and in 2014 special prize of Estonian Theatre Association in category of music theatre for performance of Kristjan Kõrver’s chamber opera “Raud-Ants”.

See: http://resonabilis.com/index_eng.html