Yoga for Strength-Flexibility-Vitality Evening Classes with Helga Himmelsbach


Helga has added another evening class on Wednesday., Feb. 11th   from 6:45 – 8pm.

Her usual evening class from 8:15-9:30 pm will continue after this session.

Pre-booking is essential at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 086-8960959



Cost – 6 weeks €75
Concession 10%
Beginners welcome
No drop-in

                                                             ENSEMBLE EIRU

                             Ensemble Eiru will perform at the Courthouse Gallery                                                                 on Friday, February 6th at 8 pm.

Ensemble Eiru are an exciting group of young musicians from a wide range of performance backgrounds. They were formed in 2011 by Jack Talty and Neil O’Loghlen with a view to developing new conceptualisations of arrangement and ensemble playing in Irish traditional music. Focussing specially on the traditional musicians and repertoire associated with west and north Clare, the group perform contemporary interpretations of Irish traditional music by drawing on an eclectic range of artistic influences. Featuring Jack Talty (Clare Memory Orchestra) on concertina, Neil O’Loghlen ( Louis Stewart Quartet, Clare Memory Orchestra) on double bass and flute, Matthew Berrill (Clare Memory Orchestra) on clarinet, Jeremy Spencer on fiddle, Maeve O’Hara (CNAG) on marimba. Paddy Groenland (Leafzang) on guitar, and Matthew Jacobson (ReDiviDeR) on drums, Ensemble Eiru bring together some of Ireland’s most exciting and experienced young musicians.

This is a not to be missed concert of modern, traditional and contemporary music.

                                               Admission €10 - Tickets at door
Being Still
Meditation and Mindfulness

8 weekly sessions starting on Monday 2nd February

at the Courthouse Gallery, Ennistymon,
7.30 – 8.30 pm

led by Bob Vernon.

5 euros per session: 3 euros for unwaged.


(Two or three things I know about her...)

Tuesday, Jan., 27th at 8 pm
Admission €3

-Two or three things Poster

This is possibly Godard's richest film, brimming with the various experiments that so fascinated him during the mid-60's. This examination of suburban evolution focuses on the so-called 'shooting stars', part-time prostitutes that sold their bodies to supplement their income, a new phenomenon borne out of a crude capitalist consumer society.

Starring Joseph Gehrard
Marina Vlady
Roger Montsoret

Speak a little French, drink a little wine and enjoy a good film!

Forgotten Placenames and Landmarks

NCHS Ennistymon Aerial Pic 52

The North Clare Historical Society commences its 2015 lecture series on Monday  26th January with a talk by Colm Hayes entitled Forgotten Placenames and Landmarks of Ennistymon.   In this illustrated talk the placename changes and the landmarks which have disappeared over the past 250 years will be outlined.

Colm Hayes is a native of Ennistymon and comes from an old Ennistymon family. He has operated a printing and stationery business in the town for over 40 years. He has had a lifetime interest in local history and was a founder member of the Old Ennistymon Society in the 1990s. He has edited a number of local publications including the popular Ennistymon Parish Magazine from the 1980s to 2002.

Venue:  The Courthouse Gallery

Time: 8.00

Admission: €5

The Artists Resource Room will hold its next meeting on the 24th of January at The Courthouse Gallery Ennistymon.

The afternoon is planned out as follows:

1:00   Open Critical Session - Artists are invited to bring along a digital image relating to a recent project  for peer discussion.

2:15   Artist's talk with John Hanrahan on his current show at The Courthouse Gallery 'Variant'

3:00   Refreshment Tea Coffee Lemonade

3:15   Artists Film Screening - 'Unstrung' by artist Cecily Brennan

All Welcome

For more information contact

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Artists Resource Room is a volunteer led community group supported by County Clare Arts Office. It was established to provide a place for Visual Artists to network, discuss art, hear presentations, exchange ideas etc.
Starting Thursday, Jan.15th, 2015

(late comers will be accommodated).

Half hourly lessons from 4pm-9pm.

First lesson is free.

Booking is essential.


Contact Chris on 086-3626002
This is an introductory course of 9, 4 hour workshops initiating participants into the 9 shamanic rites of the medicine people of the Andes and the Path of the Shaman, ‘One who sees with the authentic Eye of the Heart’.

Shamanism is the oldest spiritual discipline in the world. There are visible signs of its practice all round the world, dating back to the dawn of history. It is a spiritual practice that cuts across all faiths, creeds and race, reaching deep levels of ancestral memory. It is a pathway for self healing, self growth and self knowledge.Shamanism Kathryna Cuschieri

One of the major objectives of the shaman’s role is to have harmonious relationship with the whole of creation. It is a living process which continuously engages the inner life, shaping, honing planting the inner self, giving an immense opportunity to become responsible for our own story, for what we are dreaming into the world.

The Munay-Ki are a connected series of nine rites. They each mark part of one of the most profound spiritual journeys it is possible for us as human beings to make. The first rite is that of the healer – it marks the beginning of a journey to our own healing or wholeness.  The last, ninth rite, marks the passage into a world where we become co-creators of our entire universe.

They know no boundaries and are timeless and universal.  Although in their current form they happen to be kept primarily by a small group of wise ones known as Laika in the Peruvian Andes, earlier forms were brought there thousands of years ago from their ancestors who travelled from India, through the Himalayas, Siberia and across the Bering Straits to the Americas.

The words Munay Ki come from the Quechan language and mean something like “I love you as you are”.  This gives a hint as to their function – they help us to reawaken what for many of us has been forgotten – our innate beauty, wisdom, power and of course, our unconditional love for all things.

They are transmitted as energetic “seeds” from a person who has already received them to another within the context of a simple and beautiful ceremony.

The Nine rites that will be shared:

  1. The healers’ rites

  2. The seer’s rites

  3. The harmony rites

  4. The bands of power

  5. The day keeper’s rites

  6. The wisdom keeper’s rites

  7. The earth keeper’s rites

  8. The star keeper’s rites

  9. The creator rites

The first four rites are called the foundation rites and are in themselves profound and powerful.  Reawakening our individual capacity for deep, personal healing , developing our faculty for “seeing” in the deepest sense of the word,  reconnecting and balancing our own centres of energy , establishing a truly safe and sacred space for our work.

Together they provide the foundation for a further set of five rites. It is said that these rites help one make the transition from being a human with spiritual experiences to a spiritual being with human experiences.  More information on all of the rites and their history, function and transmission can be found on the Munay Ki website at

In these 4 hourly workshops, you will enter a truly magical and beautiful space, together with wonderful energy-building exercises and group visualisations and fire ceremony, followed by opportunities for individual healing sessions.

Kathryna Cuschieri a  graduate of the ‘Healing the Light Body ‘school which is run by Alberto Viloldo and guided by the Linage of the medicine men and women of the Andes. She has been teaching Shamanism for the last 9 years in Malta, England and Ireland .

Please wear warm and suitable clothing and bring a journal, pendulum, special stone and blanket.

Date:  19th January 2015

Time: 1- 5pm

Cost:  30 euro per session.

Refreshments are included.

If you are interested please contact Kathryna at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 087 -1249570 or the Courthouse Gallery at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 065 -707 1630
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