Saturday, April 30th  10am – 1pm
Price €20

About Colin Dempsey

A long time student of martial arts, Qi Gong, Tai Chi and Taoism the aim is to empower through gentle movement breath and intention, we practice Taoist meditation to transform stress and releasing our emotional patterns and changing the deeper feelings in the body to allow you to accept life now and feel your own inner wisdom flow naturally.

In Qi Gong and Tai Chi, my primary teacher is Sifu Shi De Lon, a 31st generation Shaolin laymonk, who is also a PhD research fellow of medical science. In 2002, I began my training with Shi De Lon and was accepted in 2006 as a Shaolin laymonk. I was given a Shaolin name Shi Xing Gao which means “aim high”. In Taoist alchemy and Qi Gong I have studied with Barry Spendlove, a senior universal healing Tao instructor, certified by Taoist master Mantak Chia. I teach regularly at various holistic centres in the West of Ireland, in counties Clare, Galway and Mayo. A lot of my work is with active retirement groups, one-to-one training and schools.

Training 10.00 - 1.00 ,Learn the inner smile Qi Gong stretching  and Taoist meditation . We will combine Dynamic Qi Gong postures, healing Sounds and meditation .
The practice of qi gong and healing sounds is to open up channels in the body which allows a free flow of energy to connect to the elements along with the skill of breathing properly.
If any one of these elements is weak then we feel it very fast through emotional or physical illness.
The healing sounds vibrate each organ and open up communication to the life-force through these five elements, as each has great intelligence it can release trauma or stress which is slowing us down.
This practice will help us be more grounded and stay more present and connect to deep levels of self-healing and intuition.

For more info go to

Contact Colin 0863298392 - booking essential

The North Clare Historical Society

The Macnamaras
Landlords of Doolin and Ennistymon
1700 to 1922
Colm Hayes

Monday 25th April 2016

The Courthouse Gallery, Ennistymon at 8pm

Admission €5

This illustrated talk will recount the story of the Macnamara family who rose from being transplanted Catholics during the Cromwellian conquests to become one of the biggest landowners in County Clare at the beginning of the 20th century.
Colm Hayes is a native of Ennistymon and comes from an old Ennistymon family. He has operated a printing and stationery business in the town for over 40 years. He has had a lifetime interest in local history and was a founder member of the Old Ennistymon Society in the 1990s. He has edited a number of local publications including the popular Ennistymon Parish Magazine from the 1980s to 2002.


mirari image

Full Moon Meditation with Crystal Sounds

As it is very powerful to do it in a group

As Full Moon is a time of positive opportunity

As Crystal Quartz amplify all our Light and Gifts

To get ready for the SUMMER SOLSTICE,

as we´ll have also full moon!

Dates: Friday 22nd April, Sunday 22nd May@ 7.30 pm

Prices for the sessions: € 12 each or €20 for both sessions


Date of June session to be announced later

Mirari has taught yoga many years to adults and children and has experience of using her voice and different instruments in a healing way.
On this events, she uses sounds of alquemy crystal bowls and ultra-lite crystal bowls.
She uses her voice in a personal and intuitive way combining Mantras and specific vowels.
Also she works with INTENTION ( harmony, acceptance, unity, joy, compassion, love…) and the properties of the crystal bowls (amplification, transfer and transformation).
“ I believe in the power of our united though and I use the sacred sounds of the crystal quartz bowls to amplify the power of this united consciousness.”

Our physical body has a natural affinity to QUARTZ. In a molecular level, our cells contain silica, which balances our electro-magnetic energies, and this is the same formula as natural quartz crystal.
The Crystal Bowls are made of the highest quality (99.992% pure!) quartz crystal and the finest in gemstones and precious metals making them incredibly RESONANT and PURE in tone.

These sessions will accompany your life process…People will come and try to feel as comfortable and relax as they can, allowing the sound to help them to clean their suffering, resentment, confusion, disconnection, trauma…and especially to activate all our light, our gifts, joy and beauty, our serenity and harmony, silence and freedom which are in our bodies.
If we understand illness as a reflection of disharmony between the pyhsical body and the soul, then we can understand that the cure can arrive by balancing the magnetic qualities of the higher subtle bodies.

Through PURE tones one can re-pattern the energy field organization that ultimately affect the cellular expression of disease of wellness.
The PURE sound of the crystal quartz bowls reverberates through the bodies , touching where it may and in so doing, creating balance.

Comfortable cloths, a mat, pillows and blankets. Also water (imprint your water by pure tones, high vibration)
Duration of a session is one hour. Book in advanced, places limited.
If you need more information, contact Mirari on 085 2895465 orThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Thursday, April 14 @ 8pm
Admission €5

Robert Little was born in Limerick in 1970. He studied English and Creative Speech, and his studies brought him to the United States and to England. Between 1999 and 2009, Robert worked at the KCAT Centre for Art and Study in Co.Kilkenny where he pioneered Equinox Theatre for mixed ability students. Since 2009, he has worked as a writer and freelance teacher.

“My Darkness is My Candle” refers chiefly to the loss of his parents to cancer in his early youth, and his subsequent travels, struggles and impressions. It is about a shift in consciousness and an awareness of sporadic, short-lived illumination.
Robert lives in Kilfenora, Co.Clare

Twin Headed Wolf image

Sunday, April 17th @ 8 pm


Tickets: €10 at the door. 

Twin Headed Wolf release an Album of haunting acapella folk songs that were recorded in the Emmanuel Vigeland Mausoleum in Oslo in January 2016. The Mausoleum is locally known as being 'Oslo's best kept secret' and is one of the most astounding acoustic chambers in Europe.The album is entitled The Long Decay (Songs from a Tomb) so named because of the echo that lasts up to 14 seconds in the room.The girls will release this as a precursor to their long awaited début album of Original material which will be released in the coming months.Celebrated as Glastonbury's "most special festival find" by the Spectator magazine and well known for their charming and eccentric stage presence, this twin sister duo are sure to send shivers down your spine as you laugh at their bizarre humour, delight in their playful theatrics and listen to their stories filled with a great knowledge of Ireland's ancient past.

The Courthouse Gallery Ennistymon   
Admission €40

 In this afternoon workshop we will find a way to experience and to acknowledge what is a Greater Self.  This expansive part of us can become more and more active as we engage it.  It is infinite yet present. It is a part of everything yet unique.

There are two methods that will provide the basis of this teaching. The first one is called the Circulation of Light, a meditation practice that accesses your own “fixed star”, bindu or Infinite Point. The other is the Mind Mirror, which is an exercise is a bit of ‘magic’ that uses the shape of circle to activate our unconscious mind. This also helps to stimulate our powers of imagination, emotional integration and recall. Information will “surface” onto the page with amazing insights.  All are welcome.

“What makes this class different from some others is that Peter can clairvoyantly see how to help you".

Clairvoyant Readings and Healings  Saturday 16th and Sunday  17th    9 -12
Home of Ann Waters  Ennistymon   One Hour €80
TO BOOK Please contact Peter Tadd
087-1651235 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Clairvoyant Readings

What I can offer you is my ability to see into your problems with an innate clairvoyant gift.  This talent is supported by years of training and practice as a therapist.

It is important to understand what clairvoyance means. I see colours and images that appear at different levels in one’s chakras and aura as well as inside the body. Within the first half  hour, you the client, “show” me what is of the greatest significance where and how to work together. This can take the shape of a dialogue or more hands on healing.

Clear Light Healing
Clear Light balances and harmonizes subtle energies in the aura and chakras to bring about healing. Clear Light can be directed by the mind alone through visualization or through the palms of the hands and the fingertips. Clear Light Healing expands the aura and the chakras. Using tuning forks and crystals certain Way of Harmony points are awakened.  The Way of Harmony is a methodology that Peter has developed over the years. It is based on the Chinese five elements and utilizes inter-meridian energy portals that bridge the chakras and the meridians.

The North Clare Historical Society continues its current lecture series at the Courthouse, Ennistymon on Tuesday 29th March @ 8 pm.

James Neylon and Seán Roche will give a talk on Sonnie Murphy – Kinaboy’s Olympian

Sonny Murphy Croke Park

Michael Sonnie Murphy was a native of Ballycashen, Kilnaboy. He always showed a great interest in sport, and athletics in particular. He was a regular competitor at sports meets and competed at the Kilnaboy Parish sports which were a regular feature of the late 1920s and early 1930s. He was secretary of the Kilnaboy sports which took place in September 1931. In those days, he did most of his training in the fields and roads of his native Ballycashen and his daily schedule would have been a frequent sight for all his neighbours.
The National Championship took place at Croke Park in 1932 and Sonnie entered the 3,000 metres steeplechase. He won this event in a time of 9 minutes 51.8 seconds, a then Irish record. Considering that this was not his more favoured event it was an exceptionally good performance and on the strength of this Sonny was selected to compete at the Los Angeles Olympic Games.
Sonnie ran in the second heat of the 3,000 metres steeplechase, with five from each heat to qualify for the final. Making things even harder for him was the fact that the heats of this race took place on one of the hottest days of the Games, temperatures that naturally would have been totally unfamiliar to him. For the first three laps everything seemed to be going well for Sonnie as he ran shoulder to shoulder with both Iso-Hollo and McCluskey and the possibility of running in an Olympic final was looming on the horizon. However just as the athletes approached the half way mark there were signs that Sonnie was in serious difficulty and he fell back somewhat in the race. Undoubtedly the intense heat was beginning to take its effect on him, as well as the fact that he only had just over two weeks to regain his fitness after the very long boat trip. Typically Sonnie refused to give up and after a short while began to give chase to the leaders. However it was this extra effort that was to be his undoing. At this stage of the race he began to sway on the track and as he approached the water jump, running in third place, he collapsed completely. His fellow Irish athlete, Dr. Pat O'Callaghan recognised that Sonnie was dangerously dehydrated.
Though Sonnie ran at various events during the following four years the effort of competing in such extreme heat had taken its toll on his health and he died on St. Patrick’s Day 1936. He is remembered with pride in his native Parish of Kilnaboy. The annual memorial road race is indeed an appropriate way to remember a great man and a great athlete. This talk is a tribute to mark the 80th anniversary of his death.

James Neylon and Seán Roche are both natives of Kilnaboy and are active in their local community groups. They are also members of the Kilnaboy Athletic Club and are actively involved with the Sonnie Murphy Memorial Race since its inception in 1984. James and Seán have a keen interest in local history.

Admission €5

1916 Poster

North Clare Links to 1916 Rising

North Clare Historical Society marks the centenary of 1916 with a presentation of North Clare links to the 1916 Rising

Courthouse Gallery, Ennistymon on Wednesday, 23rd March at 8pm. Admission €5

Colm Hayes will talk on Irish Republican Brotherhood and Volunteer Activities in North Clare prior to 1916 while Mick O’Connor will narrate the story of Gaelic League man, Eamonn Waldron’s arrest in Ennistymon in the days after the Rising.
Ennistymon native, Colm Hayes will outline the creation of an IRB Circle in the Ennistymon area by Tomás O’Loughlin, a native of Carron and a lifelong Republican brought up in the Fenian tradition. Following the establishment of the Irish V olunteers all over the country from 1913, the Clouna Company became the most important unit in North Clare as they trained and prepared for the call to rise up against British rule in Ireland.

Mick O’Connor is no stranger to North Clare. He is married to Anne Dillon from Ennistymon and is a regular visitor to the area. Mick is better known as a musician and music historian and his talk will trace Éamonn Waldron’s time in County Clare, his arrest in Ennistymon, his subsequent interment and his activities during the War of Independence while he was teaching in St. Flannan’s College. At the time of his arrest he was a teacher with the Gaelic League.
In 1929, Éamonn married Harriet Gibson of Ballyvoe House, Kilmaley and moved to Galway where he devoted the latter part of his life to teaching and promoting the Irish language at Coláiste Naomh Éinne and Coláiste Iognáid.
Éamonn died 6 April 1966 during the 50th anniversary of the Easter Rising. It is fitting that in the centenary of 1916 that the people of Clare recall the idealism and zeal of Éamonn Waldron who was imprisoned for his nationalist activities in Clare in 1916.

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