Free Talk: The Subtle Earth Energies in the Burren

A talk by Jackie Queally, whose interests in geomancy, ley lines and other instances of ‘earth energies’ has informed artist Tanya Harris’ current exhibition at The Courthouse Gallery. work. As well as describing her own work and experiences, Jackie will disucss the May 2016 workshop she organised, The Multi Dimensionality of the Earth, with Unesco Artist for Peace Marko Pogacnik*.

Queally explains, “There are many wrong assumptions in the economic world that can create obstacles in the formation of a healthy balanced symbiosis between man and nature. It is not simply a matter of conservation politics. Our current times need a shift in emphasis whereby more subtle dimensions of life forms are recognised as a valid part of our continued existence.”

*Pogacnik is the current Unesco Artist for Peace and has devoted his life to understanding and communing with the subtle energies that reside in the Earth. These have influenced his sculptures and drawings in his many books. Like Marko, Jackie writes spiritual books on the land, and is currently is writing another on the Celtic trees. See for a full generic-burren-photo list of titles