Mindfulness Classes for Everyday Life and The Work of Byron Katie


7.30pm – 9.30pm
Tuesday Nights in the Courthouse, for 6 weeks.
Starting with an introduction night on Tuesday 11th November.

The approach will be that anyone can practice mindfulness and discover
the thoughts are causing suffering through the simple four questions
offered by the work of Byron Katie.
With an open mind, the experiences of the group and a these simple,
radical and life-changing tools the mind can be clearer.

Integrating a few different approaches, we hope that something will be offered to suit each
individual. (Please see below for more details)

We look forward to seeing you Tuesday 11th of November for our first class.

Suggested donations € 5 for unwaged, € 10 for waged.

Thank you.

Maeve Collins and Helen Bulger
Natural Health Practitioners/Facilitators