Anne Harkin-Petersen / Conjecture Unfolding

 2nd September – 21st October 2017

Anne Harkin-Petersen presents Conjecture Unfolding, a body of work produced at her Galway studio over the past 18 months. A painter who enjoys challenging the rules of colour, Harkin-Petersen works in an abstract expressionist style. For this exhibition she has made small-scale works as diptychs and triptychs.

Previous exhibition titles include “Ex Nihilo”, “Tangled Hierarchies”, “Delight From Within”, “Cor Daite”, “Portals”, and “Refuge”, which all explore concepts of mystery and transcendence. Her current work is a continuation of these themes, working predominantly in oils on paper, board and canvas.

Anne Harkin-Petersen 'Evolving Hierarchy' Oil on Canvas 10x10cm

Anne Harkin-Petersen ‘Evolving Hierarchy’ Oil on Canvas 10x10cm


 Anne Harkin-Petersen is a painter living in Co. Galway. She has a research-based MA in the History of Art, and a BA (Honours) in Fine Art and Design from the Centre of Creative Arts and Media in Galway.

Anne was awarded The Tyrone Guthrie Regional Bursary Award on two occasions in 2008 and 2003, and The Patricia Burke Brogan Annual Arts Award in 2002.  Her work has been featured on two covers of Windows Publications’ “Authors and Artists”, and has been included in The Irish Arts Review, Visual Artists Ireland News Sheet, The Irish Examiner and numerous regional publications.

Harkin-Petersen is the recipient of selected funded residencies both nationally and internationally, including The Mark Rothko Plein Air in Latvia where her work was chosen for inclusion in their collection. National residencies include Cill Rialaig in Co. Kerry, Multyfarnham Franciscan Friary in Co. Westmeath, and Belmont Mills in Co. Offaly. Having also been accepted for many residencies in France, she has stayed at Tyrone Guthrie Centre in Co. Monaghan on a regular basis.

 Artist Statement

 “My paintings reflect the questions of paradox inherent to the human condition: the struggles for balance and harmony, gestures of passion that excite, disturb, enlighten, question, and transcend.

Conjecture is the source of all theory and a crucial factor in the creation of all new ideas is a willingness and ability to break out of old habits of thought. Vital to the creation of new ideas is the concept of play.

As David Bohm (theoretical physicist) in his book Science, Order, and Creativity, says “different kinds of thought and different kinds of abstraction may together give a better reflection of reality.  Each is limited in its own way, but together they extend our grasp of reality further than is possible with one way alone’’. Bohm also maintains “all knowledge arises out of the shifting, changing activity of creative perception, free play, unfoldment into action and its return as experience”

My work has always been concerned with the desire to evoke a sense of mystery. More than ever I believe strongly in the power of visual art to combat the multiple voices that admonish and negate possibilities of beauty, redemption and mystery.”