Aileen Hamilton / Blawnin Clancy / Kaye Maahs

21st January – 25th February: Opening 8pm Friday 20th January 

Main Gallery
Aileen Hamilton – ‘The surrounding water will instantly fill the void’
Blawnin Clancy – ‘On the Horizon’

The Red Couch Space
Kaye Maahs – ‘Uncode all Landscapes’

The Courthouse Gallery is delighted to welcome Aileen Hamilton, Blawnin Clancy and Kaye Maahs, who each exhibit new and recent work at the Gallery. Opening at 8pm on Friday 20th January, the show runds until 25th February.

Barcelona-based artist Aileen Hamilton will be installing 3D drawings in the main gallery space, as well as showing new works on paper. The show ‘The surrounding water will instantly fill the void’ refers to the futile attempt to dig a hole in sand that is underwater. The surrounding water will instantly fill the emptied spot.

Also showing in the main gallery, Blawnin Clancy’s ‘On the Horizon’ reflects on the ethereal realm of the mist-shrouded islands and outcroppings off the Irish coast. Islands and headlands are seen as profiles beneath the blanket of the stars and glow of the moon. The islands are tangible but yet remain out of reach, sparking our curiosity to discover the unknown.

Exhibiting in the Red Couch Space, emerging artist Kaye Maas has been living and working in the Burren since 2003, where the local landscape informs her painting practice. In the words of Seamus Heaney, Maahs aims to ‘Uncode all Landscapes’ through recording and resconstructing the everyday rural surroundings she has experience in Clare and Co Kerry.