‘Work in Progress’ exhibition – The Secret Vault (Pop-Up)

Exhibition open for One Week Only
Saturday 7th Saturday 14th July
Opening reception 7.30pm on Friday 6th June

The Secret Vault, or the ‘gallery in the archway’, off Ennistymon’s Main Street, was started by Roshan Groves and Peter Goossens four years ago as an alternative to the small Peregringo Art and Craft Gallery ‘shed gallery’ at their home in Fanore.

Since closing last year, The Secret Vault has maintained a presence at Ennistymon’s weekly Farmer’s Market. Now the Gallery takes up residence at The Courthouse Gallery & Studios in Ennistymon for one week only.

The group’s core artists, Peter Goossens, Roshan Groves,  Angela Butterfield and Kathy Sambrook will show selected paintings and sculptural work, while Goossens invites visitors watch him make new work during the week (daily from 1pm) with the space will functioning as both a gallery and a studio.

Opening Times: 
Saturday 6th July 12-pm
Tuesday 10th July 12-5pm
Wednesday 11th – Friday 13th July 12-8pm
Sat 14th July 12-5pm

About The Secret Vault

After establishing itself in Ennistymon, Goossens and Groves realised they needed help to enable the gallery to be open for visitors and customers for more than a couple of days every week. Roshan put out a few ads in the local shops inviting other local artists to join the enterprise. After a short time, four more artists had works up on the walls and shelves in exchange for one or half a day attendance in the gallery, selling each other’s work.

“For three successive years we kept the gallery open. We enjoyed a creative time there as we had set it up in a matter that we always had the choice to concentrate on producing work in a quiet environment or, when busy, engage with interested, excited and returning visitors and customers. During our final year in the archway, on the occasion of the Midsummer Festival and after the much welcomed appearance of Sarah Foust’s Gallery and Byrne’s Old Shop, we started up the Ennistymon Art and Craft Trail. As part of this initiative, we curated a few individual exhibitions in part of the gallery. Also, at the first refugee crisis in Calais we organised a silent art auction to which many local artists contributed and which generated just under €1000. ”

Peter Goossens, February 2018


Angela Butterfied
The sea is the main subject for her oil and acrylic paintings, watercolours and pastels. She might love it or fear it, but she certainly is not indifferent to it. The passion sprays from her canvases, sometimes quite literally. She chooses her colours as much as the sea dictates them to her. She offers you the freedom to look at the sea in your own way and still, you will never look at it in the same way again after immersing yourself in her paintings.

Kathy Sambrook
Anything she touches could be turned into part of an artistic creation. Whatever discipline and technique she uses, her work is always refined, subtle and pleasing. The objects that she constructs show the true dedication from the heart that you find in honest craftsmanship. An object might be repeated but is never mass produced. They all have a unique personality. The rumour goes that she has a secret stack of paintings and maybe other works. My hope is that she will surprise us here with some of those!

Peter Goossens
He likes to define himself primarily as an observational drawing artist. When he paints, he prefers to use tempera, which is basically gouache or poster paint with an egg white medium added. This medium prevents the underlying dried layers to become dissolved by subsequently added layers of fresh paint. He has his specific way to build up the colours and shapes. He invites you to visit this exhibition every day if possible as he will be working in situ on one or more still lives so you can find out how!

Roshan Groves
Roshan is a colourist and a natural one at that. She tells stories with colour as much as colours tell stories to her. She is the messenger. Her stories can be long or short, but often they carry tales that are secret even to her. She welcomes you to look for your own in her work. Your revelations are integral part of it. Listening to what you can tell about her pictures is equally exciting and entertaining for her as painting them. Often, if not always, every time you take another look at one of her paintings, you can discover a new story again!

Uli Kilper
While a group member, unfortunately for us, Uli is not represented in this exhibition for the simple reason that she has no work available. She tried to have some new work ready but you cannot rush her creativity. Her paintings are executed in a fine manner. They are very delicate and time is visibly one of their components. Uli’s work is an excellent example of how seeing is big part of ‘doing’ when creating art.

Zuzana Jezikova
Her ceramic sculptures and collages explore Celtic mythology in a way that goes straight to the heart of it. She has a deep understanding of symbols and symbolism. Even the simplest of her designs are saturated with it. She only needs a few elements to evoke the stories, but the figures speak in a clear and unmistakable language about their sometimes ambiguous motives, passions and emotions. She really grasps the archetypical and universal feelings of the human condition that are expressed in mythologies. If you want proof of the saying “less is more”, then here you have it!