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Original Artwork: St. Brendan and his 7 Year Voyage to the Garden of Eden

Zuzana Jezikova, Ceramic Sculpture, 26 x 19 x 7 cm.
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St. Brendan and his 7 Year Voyage to the Garden of Eden


Saint Brendan - a hero of his day, willing to embark on a journey beyond the boundaries of the then-known world. The boat represents strength, dedication to fulfilling the mission.

The water symbolises flow and motion, a metaphor for inspiration. The figures represent mastery and expertise to ensure success in the task. The figure in the middle represents

Saint Brendan. It is bearing a symbol known as ‘Celtic Cross’.


The Celtic Cross

The legend tells us Saint Patrick created the symbol to convert the Druids. Realizing the importance of the sun to pagans, Saint Patrick decided to combine the Christian cross with the Celtic circle representing eternity.



Ceramic Sculpture - boat
Materials: porcelain, black stoneware, stains, glazes
Size: 26 x 19 x 7 cm



Artist statement:


"My work is inspired by Celtic mythology and legends. These are the stories that people were telling and passing on to each other while sitting around fires,

the impact of storytelling strengthened by the contrast of firelight and the surrounding darkness. The narrative also had a cleansing effect. A quality today long

forgotten, it helped people to address their own conflict by offering solutions or simply helping to accept life with all of its challenges.


Light is the central focus of my work. I have always been impressed by the visual effect light can make: A stream of light suddenly breaking through the cloudy sky;

a sparkle of light on the surface of a lake and on the crest of ocean waves; a twinkle of a candle flame; or just the simple glow of an electric bulb. Besides its physical

character, the light also has a metaphorical meaning that attracts me: Light as a beginning; an awakening; the light of a lighthouse guiding us at times of uncertainty.

I want my work to remind those who see it of the ancestral heritage and help them connect with their inner light. I make lamps and ceramic sculptures as forms to

express my concept. I use black stoneware and porcelain and combine them with other materials such as leather, metal wires from copper and iron, in a reference

to our ancient heritage."


Zuzana Jezikova






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