Power of 3: Moon, Quartz and Irish Blessings

Power of 3: Full Moon, Quartz and Irish Blessings.
Crystal Quartz Sounds Concert

Friday, October 14th @ 7:30

Mirari has taught yoga many years to adults and children and has experience of using her voice and different instruments in a healing way.
In these events, she uses sounds of alchemy crystal bowls and ultra-lite crystal bowls.

She uses her voice in a personal and intuitive way combining Mantras and specific vowels.

Also she works with INTENTION (harmony, acceptance, unity, joy, compassion, love…) and the properties of the crystal bowls (amplification, transfer and transformation).

“I believe in the power of the united and I use the sacred sounds of the crystal quartz bowls to amplify the power of this united consciousness.”


Our physical body has a natural affinity to QUARTZ. In a molecular level, our cells contain silica, which balances our electro-magnetic energies, and this is the same formula as natural quartz crystal.

The Crystal Bowls are made of the highest quality (99.992% pure!) quartz crystal and the finest in gemstones and precious metals making them incredibly RESONANT and PURE in tone.


These sessions will accompany your life process…people will come and try to feel as comfortable and relaxed as they can, allowing the sound to help them to clean their suffering, resentment, confusion, disconnection, trauma…and especially to activate all our light, our gifts, joy and beauty, our serenity and harmony, silence and freedom which are in our bodies.
If we understand illness as a reflection of disharmony between the physical body and the soul, then we can understand that the cure can arrive by balancing the magnetic qualities of the higher subtle bodies.

Through PURE tones one can re-pattern the energy field organisation that ultimately affect the cellular expression of disease and of wellness.

The PURE sound of the crystal quartz bowls  reverberates  through the bodies , touching where it may  and in so doing, creating balance.


Your own blanket, pillow and things you need to make yourself very comfortable. Also water and if you want, some especial stones you have at home.
Duration of a session is about 1 hour and cost is €12.