Sunday, 10 September 2023 08:46


Lusus explores the robust relationships between materiality, human experiences, and the impact the works have on our experiences of spaces. Through a range of multi-faceted installations, encompassing painting, sculpture, video, sound, and various other media, the exhibiton invites visitors to delve into the artists'distinct explorations of domesticity, environment, cultural heritage, and the physical and metaphysical connections between humans and the material world.

'Lusus' is a Latin word that can be translated as 'play', 'game', or 'sport'. Or a deviation from the norm. It conveys a sense of playful exploration and experimentation. In the context of an art exhibition title 'Lusus' suggests that the artists engage in a creative and imaginative exploration of materials, inviting viewers to join in the playful discovery of new sensory experiences.

A group of five artists Eleanor McCaughey, Fiona Gordon, Anna Spearman, Domnick Sorace and Joana Hopkins.