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Print Van Go Pop-up Rubber Stamp printing at The Christmas Market

We are delighted to announce a drop-in Rubber Stamp Festive Workshop with Print Van Go, Print Van Go’ is a mobile art and printmaking studio during this year's Christmas Market.

Print-van-go aims to make printmaking more accessible by bringing print tools & facilities to the people.


Rubber Stamp Festive Workshop with Print Van Go


Saturday 11th December 2021

1pm, 3pm and 7pm 


Sunday 12th December 2021



Treat yourself to a wonderful festive rubber stamping workshop with Print Van Go. A wonderful opportunity to hand print your  very own Christmas cards, wrapping paper and Christmas recipe booklet. Come make, share and celebrate the festivities with us during this open art workshop suitable for all.  Come along at 1 pm, 3pm, and 7pm Saturday the 11th December and 1pm on Sunday 12th December for the full experience or just stop by anytime to have a go!





About Print Van Go

Print Van Go is a travelling print studio, championing and sharing participatory printmaking experiences for people of all walks of life.   The purpose of Print Van Go is to make art and printmaking more public and accessible to a wider audience by bringing professional printmaking tools, equipment and facilities into the community.  We use printmaking as a tool to facilitate learning and social engagement while co-creating work with communities and promoting contemporary fine-art printing.