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The Fabric of the West of Ireland

An exhibition of photographs by Niall Kerrigan and Patrick McHugh from May 4 - May 30. The opening will be on Sat. May 4th at 4pm. All welcome

Off Season - Photography by Niall Kerrigan 

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The concept of Off Season comes from the months when holiday homes/villages are unoccupied, the atmosphere this creates and the sense of life in suspended animation; reminiscent of the famine villages.

Shops in small, seaside towns waiting for the tourist business to come back; colourful playgrounds and amusements sitting empty.

Unlike the famine villages there is a justifiable expectation of renewed life but for the moment - ‘Off Season’- they are virtually deserted. Buildings and amenities lose their function. There is a dereliction that creates an atmosphere that, not surprisingly, has suggested itself as the setting for menacing tales to unfold in, in both literature and film.

There is also a great beauty to this abandonment; it allows everything to be seen at its most fundamental, allowing a clarity of vision and attention to detail impossible during high season. Since moving from city life to a seaside village five years ago this aesthetic has seeped into my consciousness and ‘Off Season’ is my attempt to portray its desolate beauty.

Niall Kerrigan is an award winning graphic designer originally from Dublin, now based in Killala, County Mayo. Since moving to Mayo, he has documented the area he lives and works in through the medium of photography which includes his first major body of work; Derelict: Silent & Still an exhibition inspired by the architecture of abandonment.

The Fabric of the West of Ireland - Potography by Patrick McHugh

[caption id="attachment_801" align="alignnone" width="199"]Patrick McHugh - Gerard Ginnane Patrick McHugh - Gerard Ginnane[/caption]

It is the textures or fabric of the west of Ireland that effects my work wherever I go, be it in my personal, editorial or advertising work. I find texture or fabric tends to be evident in much of my photography. The texture or fabric of a face, a surface, a tree, a landscape seems to be ever evident. This exhibition shows some personal work and some of my published editorial work with a strong emphasis in Black and White photography.

Although born in Ireland, Patrick McHugh spent his early years in Greenwich Village, New York City, returning to spend his teenage years in Ireland. After graduating from St. Flannans, Ennis, he rode the wave of emigration out of Ireland, returning to NYC to study at the School of Visual Arts and at Parsons School of Art and Design.
Assisting in New York and London at some of the more established photography studios introduced him to the world of editorial fashion and advertising. And after building a fashion portfolio in Madrid, opened a 2000 sq. ft. studio near the Guinness Headquarters in Dublin, Ireland. Four years later again returning to New York to set up in the Greenwich Village.
Patrick spent a decade concentrating in the Big Apple on Editorial Magazine and Catalog fashion photography. In 2001 he moved to one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, Barcelona, basing his office in the intrinsic barrio of El Borne for several years.
Today he is an established fashion and advertising photographer based in the west of Ireland.
Dividing his time between commercial and personal photography projects. His work has appeared in a wide array of national and international magazines, brand clients have included Aer Lingus, McDonald’s, Mazda, Time Inc. and some of Patrick’s personal projects have featured in Communication Arts, the New York Photo Festival and the Royal Hibernian Academy.