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PUBLIC PRESENTATIONS by artists participating in The Future is Domestic!

Future is Domestic Flyer Invitation eu

Estonian artists John Griznick and Evelyn Muursepp from MoKS, Estonia and Signe and Udri Pucene from SERDE, Latvia with Outrider Artists from Clare to be shared in the Courthouse Gallery, Ennistymon:

  •   Sunday, 12th of May from 3-5pm

  •  Saturday, 18th of May from 3-5pm.

All welcome to join us at this free public gathering for tea and dialogue.

THE RED COUCH SPACE in the Courthouse Gallery will be both an organic evolving exhibition space for the workshop findings and for the artists participating in The Future is Domestic!

It will unfold over the next 3 weeks as the artworks /findings reveal themselves through the sharing and making and any collaborations that emerge in this process.
The Future is Domestic! is a Culture Connects project presented by Clare County Arts Office and hosted by Outrider Artists.

A shared artistically experimental exploration of art making in a small rural community of Monreal North, Ennistymon, Co. Clare, from 11- 18 May, 2013,

The Future is Domestic! uses the materiality of making to lead discourse and raise questions in the research of the merging of domestic and public spaces by hosting residencies and workshops over the week in a rural domestic setting.

Courthouse  Gallery opening hours for free viewing are Tues- Sat, 12pm-4pm

For more information please contact: TheFutureIsDomestic@gmail.com


This project is supported by the EU Local Partnership Scheme for transnational cultural co-operation.