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CHROMA - Paintings by Daniel McKeon

Main Gallery

JUNE 7 – JULY 4 – Opening Friday 7th June at 8pm

Chroma by Daniel McKeon

Daniel Mc Keon is a Dublin based artist who primarily works as a painter from a studio in the historical Henrietta Street area of Dublin. While growing up into his twenties he lived and worked in county Clare where his sister Eileen still has a house today outside Ennis. Daniel Mc Keon had his first solo exhibition at the Old Ground Hotel in 1978 alongside other artists who showed there at that time including John Shinnons, Micheal Gemmell, Catrinoa O’ Connor, to name a few because there was no other galleries or venues suitable for showing artworks at that time in county Clare. He has since gone on to exhibit his work in solo and group exhibitions nationally and internationally, his paintings being mostly abstract and process driven usually made in different series.
Daniel Mc Keon also makes photographic or lens based artworks often using collage which has become an integral part of his artistic practice. For his upcoming exhibition from June 7th to 4th July 2013 at the Courthouse Gallery in Ennistymon he has made a new series of works titled CHROMA which he hopes to use as an opportunity to reconnect to the county and people of Clare.


JUNE 7 – JULY 4 - Opening Friday 7th June at 8pm

Housing Crisis - Ink drawings by Michael Coyne

Mick Coyne

This new exhibition of work by Mick Coyne "Housing Crisis" was prompted by the ongoing problem of ghost estates around Ireland.

Mick Coyne who is very involved in traditional irish music and singing scene lives in Ennis Co.Clare and has a Hairdressing business.He has always been in the art scene either through the music, singing or designing hair styles. Due to an ongoing illness that kept him housebound Mick became interested in drawing and painting. Drawing occupies his time during times of pain and boredom and sometimes he could be up most of the night.

Mick spent a year drawing trees. Most trees were with houses in mind. Either a farm house or a Georgian house with a small cherry tree in the garden. He crossed over from trees to houses without really noticing it.

Pen and ink is the main medium for this exhibition. It is good for intricate work and crisp colour.