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OTHER LIVES - two shows-one theme.

Main Gallery

SEPT 20 – OCT 17

Paintings by Ian Wieczorek &

Photography/mixed media by Asylum archive.

 Official opening on SEPT 20 at 7.00 pm

by Dr. John Mulloy, Lecturer in Art and Critical Theory

Diptych-Ian_Wieczorek small Ian WieczorekAsylum Archive smallAsylum Archive

Two visual art exhibitions exploring ideas of identity and social status
in contemporary society – how we define ourselves, and how we are defined
by others.

Asylum Archive
presents a series of photographs documenting the experience
of asylum seekers in Ireland - the poignant geography of their everyday
lives. Ian Wieczorek offers a series of paintings in oil on canvas
exploring how we are defined by the digital world of the internet.
Engaging and provocative, both exhibitions pose questions about the
dislocations of modern society.

OPEN CONVERSATION with Dr. John Mulloy at 7.30 pm

To help answer, or at least outline, those questions, Asylum Archive and
Ian Wieczorek will take part in an open public conversation with Dr John
Mulloy, Lecturer in History of Art, Critical Theory, Arts-based Community
Development and Rural Arts in the Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology. As
well as finding out more about the work of these two established artists,
the conversation will explore how contemporary art can or does engage with
issues of identity and status. This promises to be a relevant and
accessible event where the audience will also have the chance to ask their
own questions if they wish.


SEP 20- OCT 17

Seriatim, etchings by Joe Ryan

, Joe Ryan,etching, Built on the three falsities 2012 smallJoe Ryan

Joe Ryan has established a multi disciplinary creative practice, integrating 2D mediums printmaking, painting and exploring complex relationships between 2D and 3D medium through installations, assemblage and collage.

He has had several solo shows and exhibited extensively all over Ireland, U.K. Europe, U.S. Canada, and Far East. His doctoral research, currently undertaking in Fine Art at University of East London, explores Art, Institutions and social Control through the construction of several layers of complex imagery creating a visual language of metaphor, allegory and ambiguity.

His work draws on the theoretical approaches taken by Michel Foucault into institutions, heterotopias, and dystopias and Erving Goffman and his theories of “total institutions”, an isolated enclosed social system where primary purpose is to control most aspects of its participant’s daily lives, where the inmate is under the bureaucratic control of staff and excluded from decisions regarding his or her treatment.

Within these etching by Joe Ryan there is no colour, but a constructed wall of darkness engulfing symbols of multiple institutions and interweaving effect in seriatim.