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Trasna IV opening with auction, Christmas Party & Dutch Clouds an exhibition by Eric Knoote


 Trasna IV opening and Christmas Party in the Courthouse Gallery

Thursday 28th November at 7 pm

On 28th November we will open the doors for our fourth Trasna exhibition “Trasna IV” in the main gallery of the Courthouse. This is our annual exhibition which allows both established and emerging artists to show their work.

Trasna was started by Marie Connole and Maeve Collins 4 years ago, as part of the Christmas show titled 'HAS BEEN + IS GOING', which they curated at that time. Trasna was a big success and has continued to be ever since. Every year seems better than the last. This year we have a submission of over 200 original art works.

Special thanks to Steve Mathieson, our job-bridge intern since September, who organized this year's Trasna.

The official opening will be on Thursday 28th November with a light hearted, silent auction.

The reserve price on each piece will be €40 of which 25% of the selling price will be donated to the running costs of the gallery and the remainder to the artist.

Trasna IV exhibition will run from

28th November -  4th January at 4pm.


In The Red Couch Space at the same time


a mixed-media exhibition by Eric Knoote  

from 28th November - 4 January

opening on Thursday 28th November at 8 pm

Eric Knoote is a mid-career Dutch artist exhibiting his work for the first time in Ireland. This work consists mostly of abstract painting, in the tradition of the abstract art related to Dutch artists Piet Mondrian and Jan Schoonhoven.

The Abstract Art tradition of going back to the essence of a subject, by stripping off all the fringes - representational, moral and social - by concentrating on the qualities of line, colour and shape plays a significant part in the resulting purity and beauty of his works of art.

tek 11

In this exhibition Eric uses a mixed media technique on paper marking a spatial perception of Dutch landscapes.

Knoote paints in a pure, rectilinear and fixed way in a formalistic approach (stressing form over content) while still being playful and inventive, yet always in his own distinctive, characteristic style.

tek 7

He plays with lines and forms to create work where many different emotions can be perceived as coming together.

Eric shows us that painting with less, can be more.

For more information on Eric’s work, please check his website: www.ericknoote.nl