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'On the Edge of a Blue Sky' , Opens February 7th at 7pm

On the Edge of a Blue Sky is a multi-disciplinary exhibition by Fiona Kelly and Lorraine Walsh.  The artists' enquiry into abandoned and waste ground opens a conversation which considers the legacy and also the potential of these increasingly familiar environments.

[caption id="attachment_1360" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Lorraine Walsh:  Oil on Canvas, 60cm x 50cm, 2013 Lorraine Walsh:
Oil on Canvas, 60cm x 50cm, 2013[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1358" align="aligncenter" width="293"]Fiona Kelly:   Etched Lino Cut, 71cm x 71cm, 2013 Fiona Kelly:
Etched Lino Cut, 71cm x 71cm, 2013[/caption]

Kelly's observations of the manmade landscape, topographic movement, stagnation and metamorphosing debris are representations, characters for her contemporary fables; a legacy of longing, disposability and escape.  Using print, reclaimed materials and text she invites the viewer to join in a fundamental dialogue intrinsic to Fiona Kelly’s work which quietly speaks of urban sprawl, throwaway culture, and the absurdities found in unremarkable environments.

[caption id="attachment_1359" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Fiona Kelly:   Etched Lino Cut, 55cm x 68cm, 2013. Fiona Kelly:
Etched Lino Cut, 55cm x 68cm, 2013.[/caption]

Lorraine Walsh discovers strange enclosures of manmade wilderness in her observations of derelict and vacant ground.  Using the particular qualities of paint and found materials the artist scavenges from the abandoned traces of previous human activity she finds along with a perception of a nature that is wild and sometimes dark to make the work.  Interested in what lies beneath the surface of everyday life  Walsh invites the viewer to small islands of escape or gaps in the system from where we might begin to see the world differently.

[caption id="attachment_1361" align="aligncenter" width="215"]Lorraine Walsh:  Oil on Canvas, 25cm x 35cm, 2013. Lorraine Walsh:
Oil on Canvas, 25cm x 35cm, 2013.[/caption]



“Imram” New Paintings by Josephine Geaney

 ‘In the Celtic tradition, warriors and monks undertook incredible journeys of imagination and spirit. The Journey to the eternal, invisible world was called the imram.’(John O’Donohue, “Divine Beauty, The Invisible Embrace”)

 The exhibition “Imram” features sculptures made from bog oak, printed decayed canvas, and ashes, accompanied by paintings using images of boats crossing through boundaries to approach new partially visible dimensions. The idea behind this work is her curiosity of the life cycle and the life/death journey representing the fragmented and vulnerable state of the human condition.

[caption id="attachment_1364" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Josephine Geaney, Emram Imram, Josephine Geaney[/caption]

Josephine’s work is autobiographical, allowing the viewer into her unconscious world of memory, experience and curiosity, using many mediums, such as digital imagery, sculpture, print and mixed media although her critical engagement is with paint, pushing its possibilities, constantly experimenting with new techniques and outcomes, manipulating the paint in order to capture light conveying an intended sense of atmosphere and mystery, drawing the viewer into the work, challenging them to look closely in order to add their own narrative and emotion to it.

The subject matter of her work varies from landscapes to figurative, using boundaries to express emotion, mood and narrative. Her paintings are realistic and yet abstract, playing with the idea of the visible and invisible, the real and unreal.

Emran 2

For more information : http://josephinegeaneyartist.com/

Exhibitions continue until March 6th 2014