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New works by Ailbhe Barrett, Joan Sugrue and Peter Dunne

OVERWORLDS – New Work by Ailbhe Barrett and Joan Sugrue

March 14 – April 10  Opening Friday, March 14 @ 7pm


Ailbhe Barrett  

For the past number of years I have been gathering an on-going collection of studies of skyscapes in the surrounding area – sketches, photographs, video and written descriptions – and as a result of these, have been working on a series of oil paintings, drawings and etchings where this “cape” is strongly present.  It often seems that perhaps this protective and life-nurturing shield has a more pronounced presence on us during the dormant season; the stillness of the winter period has a thought provoking, centring effect, while nature takes its rest and gathers energy for the coming seasons.

Colour, mood and composition are central to this series of works, as is the interconnection between them. Many of these images feature, on the low horizon, silhouettes and shapes of human activity and built structures: juxtaposed against the fluid colours above, they are both comforting and threatening.


Joan Sugrue

My work looks at our perception of space, place and time. I am interested in what happens when one or more of these elements are not completely in sync, or exist as different forms which may overlap or interfere with each other. What could happen if two or more places exist in the same space, or if time could be stretched one way or another?  The philosopher Michel Foucault describes heterotopias as places and spaces that function in non-hegemonic conditions. These are spaces of otherness, which are neither here nor there, that are simultaneously physical and mental, such as the space of phone call or the moment when you see yourself in the mirror.

I am particularly interested in the heterotopias of time and space. Heterotopias of time (such as museums which enclose in one place objects from all times and styles) exist in time but also exist outside of time because they are built and preserved to physically insusceptible to time’s ravages. Heterotopias of space function in that they can allow two spaces to exist in the same place (such as a garden with plants from different areas of the world) and they function in relation to the creation of a space of illusion that exposes every real space, and of compensation, which is to create a real space – a space that is other.

I tend to use real spaces as a basis from which my work can evolve. By using material gathered from historical records for example I seek to construct an alternative or imagined reality. One of the current strands that I am examining is using early original glass plate negative images as source material. I primarily use drawing and paint as a medium for my work but also include other visual media including video and installation.


CRANK – Paintings by Peter Dunne     Opening Friday March 14 @ 7 pm 

Peter Dunne 

Peter Dunne is a Dublin born artist living in London who has made a reputation for himself on the urban contemporary art scene. His work contains a strong social comment combined with wit and humour painted in a social realistic style. In 2011 he launched a direct action against corporate greed with his Anti-Greed-Giveaway in the financial heart of the City of London. He gave away 300 original paintings highlighting the banking crisis. All the work went in an hour and a half but not one single banker would avail of a free painting. The video can be seen on ‘YouTube’.