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ELEMENTAL DIALOGUE a multi-disciplinary exhibition by Jane Seymour, Vivienne Bogan, Nicola Henley & Kathryna Cuschieri

From June 6 – July 3

Official opening Friday 6th June at 8 pm

There is an intrinsic harmony which unites to works of Jane Seymour, Vivienne Bogan, Nicola Henley, and Kathryna Cuschieri, four artists living and working in East Clare. The huge skies, the rugged terrain and the seas energy informs much of their art but for each this physical experience is just the infrastructure on which they explore the deeper, often profound and spiritual dimensions of self.

They have worked together on various arts projects in the area over the past seven years. They share a deep rapport and understanding of each other’s work. Together they are exploring the dynamics of the four elements, earth, air, fire, and water, aspects which much inform their art already.

Jane Seymour

Clay from the earth, shaped with water, dried in air and given to fire, the combined elements which Jane Seymour relies on for the creation and completion of her large ceramic vessels. The crows which congregate in places along the sea are currently the inspiration for her work at the moment as is her ongoing interest in the human form

Her large ceramic bowls and free standing forms are her canvases on which she etches and paints figures and birds, using oxides. These are fired a number of times, each piece sanded and worked on between each firing. Her smoke-fired vessels are often wrapped in seaweed to allow the minerals and salt to effect the smoke patterns previously created.

Jane's work has been exhibited widely in major exhibitions both in Ireland and the UK. She grew up on the marshlands of Suffolk and the hills of West Wales. She has been living in East Clare since 1994 where she has her ceramic studio.

Vivienne Bogan

It is the deep, embracing, and passionate nature of Mother Earth,,matter,,clay and its multitudes of colours, textures and energies that informs the recent works of Vivienne Bogan. Moving away from her explorations of flight and man’s desire to fly she is revisiting her interest in the connection between the raw basic nature of the earth we depend on, human emotions and our inner being.

Working mostly with paints, pastels, inks, etc. on paper, Vivienne's paintings also examines '    Matter ', a substance that produces something else', the bringer of life. She explores the soft, pliant and impressionable nature of the Matrix, living and surviving in a universe of rock and fire. Much as the human body does, both originators and store houses of the emotions

Vivienne is a graduate of the Limerick College of Art, the city she is originally from. She has traveled extensively returning some years ago to live in East Clare where she has her studio. Her work has been exhibited in many solo and group shows both here in Ireland and abroad and are included in   major national collections

Nicola Henley, Gulls Soaring (detail2) small2

Inspired by the forces of nature and the elements Nicola Henley's particular interest is birds, their freedom of movement and how they interact with the landscape. She is also greatly drawn to the huge energy of the ever changing sea and the sky. She aims to draw our attention to the delicate balance of nature and the interdependence and connections between us and our environment

Her works on textiles are made by the combining of dying, painting and screen printing on cotton calico and texturing the surface by stitching and other methods.                                                                                                                                                                               Drawing from nature is important to her process of catching the essence of birds in their natural environment and then transferring these images to fabrics back in her studio

A graduate of Goldsmith College, London, Nicola has exhibited widely here, in the UK, Japan Australia and the USA. Born in Bristol she moved to East Clare in 1991.

Her recent works have been influenced by her regular visits to Australia where the light, colours, sounds and smells are so vibrant in contrast to the subtlety of her East Clare environs.

Kathryna Cuschieri, grey dress,small

Kathryna Cuschieri work draws it inspiration from the elemental nature of our lives and how this informs our dreamscapes which in turn effects the quality of our daily experiences. Perceiving the world from the view point of each elements energetic quality allows for the dialogue that enhances, inspires and expresses itself in her work.

At this time she is delving deeply into the nourishing and enlightening qualities and aspects of fire – Luminosity. From the physical handling of glass at seriously high temperatures in her kiln to the study of ravens as symbols of luminous knowledge and wisdom.

Kathryna was born in Malta, moved to England in 1976 and then to Ireland in 1993. She has had several exhibitions, solo and collectively, both here and in the UK.

She is currently working on a major commission for Clare County Council, creating a steel and glass installation for the Revenue Offices in Ennis.