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‘Between All Things’ A retrospective of the work of D. B. Twohigk, September 13th - October 9th


 D.B.Twohigk 1946 - 2009, artist, sculptor, poet, thinker was born in Dublin, spending much of his professional career based in Co. Clare. A graduate of the National College of Art and a prolific artist of immense talent, his body of work spans 40 years, 25 from his studio home in The Old Schoolhouse, Gortbofarna, Inagh. Known primarily for his public stone carved sculptures but never limited to a specific style or medium, Twohigk was deeply embedded in an artistic exploration of daily routines, customs and the rituals of everyday life. Drawing inspiration from many sources such as local landscapes, people and his environment, his later work was concerned with a self examination and social examination with the human figure portrayed in all its human sensibilities, to use his own words ‘being part of innumerable forces in space, matter, motion and light.’ Inspired also by the philosophical writings of Heidegger and Husserl, his artworks distilled ideas and experiences to reveal their poetic essence and in a way to render visible the hidden truths and meanings in even the smallest of life’s actions.

Main Gallery & RED COUCH SPACE SEP 13– OCT 9

D.B Twohig, Man on Bicycle