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Main Gallery

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‘VARIANT’ an exhibition of recent work by John Hanrahan

Official opening Friday 16th January at 8 pm

The exhibition runs from January 16th - February 5th                                         

Artists living and working in the West of Ireland face many challenges. To sustain an art practice in a rural environment, it is essential to seek out and engage with fellow artists. I was a founding member of the Ennis Arts Initiative, a former member of the Tulla Stables Studios and I am currently a member of the Ground Up Artists Collective. I have studied and exhibited in Ireland and Australia and my work features in private and public collections.

I am delighted to be exhibiting in the Courthouse Gallery and for this show I wanted to look specifically at data taken from medical/scientific imagery.  I have had a fascination with medical/ scientific imagery since I started to paint, studying Painting in the RTC Galway, now GMIT I would often search out the specimen collection and textbooks from the Zoology Dept. of UCG.

As an artist I was attracted to the objective formal characteristics of medical imagery. The placement and arrangements of grids and text, form a counterpoint to the more anatomical /physiological data.

A primary focus in this body of work was the development of a repetitive process that allowed me to work on several pieces simultaneously. This meant that I engaged with the work on a more intuitive level with each piece triggering a different response. The art of making therefore became part of the thinking process.

John Hanrahan


                                                     Red Couch Space

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‘The Wonders of Clare’ an exhibition of paintings by Michel Riand

Official opening Friday 16th January at 8 pm.

Exhibition runs from 16th January – 5th February 2015

MICHEL RIAND is a self-taught native French artist. Since 2005 he has taken up residence in Ennistymon. While he painted regularly in France, moving to Ireland influenced him to create a range of paintings inspired by the beauty of North Clare sceneries, its people and its wildlife. He thrives in colourful environments which is reflected in his candid representations of simple moments of daily life in the West of Ireland.

You can follow Michel’s work on: