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Imirt Le Do Thoil! (Play Please!)


Imirt Le Do Thoil! (Play Please!)

Nicole Tilley

A multi-disciplinary exhibition by Amanda Jane Graham,Myra Jago and Nicole Tilley. 

                                         Exhibition runs from FEB 13 – MARCH 12 

                                             Opening: Friday February 13 at 8pm

Amanda Jane Graham

Imirt Le Do Thoil (Play Please) is a group exhibition by artists Amanda Jane Graham, Myra Jago and Nicole Tilley, exploring through print, drawing, painting and sculpture recent dramatic shifts within contemporary society and the resultant extreme impact upon childhood experience. The exhibition draws focus on how we, as a society, are witness to the changing physical, emotional, psychological and social development of children and home. Ostensibly an Irish consequence of the Celtic Tiger and its many dreadful planning decisions, we now endure treacherous environments and neighbourhoods to the detriment of much-loved childhood hangouts. Furthermore, challenging the unending upside of new technology, one can’t help but note that it comes at the cost of carefree childhood play. Imirt Le Do Thoil, through the work of these three artists, is purposely low-tech and playful as it examines and highlights the traditions and freedoms of childhood and childhood environments. This exhibition is mischievous, engaging and thought provoking, with the capacity to instigate collective experience and communal concern.

myra jago