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‘Compostela-Field of Stars’

                                                     ‘Compostela-Field of Stars’

                                            Mixed media works by Marianne Slevin
               The Courthouse Gallery Red Couch Space from February 13 to March 12
                                             Opening: Friday February 13 at 8pm.

Marianne Slevin

Marianne's work features improvisations and explorations of chance in ink and oil paint on various surfaces. They are mainly 2 dimensional drawings, but some found and everyday objects are turned into art objects with her use of ink. The drawings are experimental and made using a combination of chance, intuition and feeling. In some cases Marianne uses the elements such as the wind or a leak in the kitchen window to create the drawings. Other times, she devises games of chance, rolling object that hold meaning for her, like a fortune teller, and drawing around them to reveal a visual map. She often works in ways where she has physically very little control, and the environment she is in, her own body and intuition have a chance to play, rather than the decisions being made only using her head. As the philosopher Alan Watts said, "getting out of one's own way".