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‘Between Here and You’, recent work by Els Borghart and Alison Cronin

Els Borghart - Fickle - small

  Official opening Saturday 21 March at 4 pm

March 20 - April 16

Between Here and You a joint exhibition by visual artists Els Borghart and Alison Cronin features a selection of works that focus on the fluctuating nature of reality and memory unveiling fleeting glimpses of an in-between space.

Since having moved to Ireland six years ago, Els Borghart’s works involve the questioning of the self while coexisting in two countries, simultaneously activating a sense and a lack of belonging in both. This opens up a void where different realities interact and so creates a potential in-between space. Within this context, her current drawings and paintings focus on the shift in human relationships when moving away from home. They explore an in-between space where all certainties are jeopardized, where human pillars lose solidity and those once unknown or in the periphery gain influence.

The White Cat, Alison Cronin, small

Alison Cronin's work looks into the gap between past and present, between immediate experience and the post-experience narratives we create around our lives. The artist’s fascination with memory stems from her own damaged long term memory from a childhood accident. Her current mixed media works and paintings re-interpret old family photographs, removing the captured moment from its original context. They refer to a movement or crossing of a space such as a bridge, a dive or a journey, depicted on a surface that erodes or fades, and reveals itself to be as unstable as the story it is telling.

Originally from Belgium, Els Borghart has been based in Drogheda, Ireland since 2008. She works as a visual artist and is a founding member, co-director and co-curator with NeXus Arts. She has an MA In Fine Art (LUCA School of Arts –Belgium) and an MA in Cultural Policy & Art Management (University Antwerp Management School – Belgium). She has exhibited both in Belgium and in Ireland.

Alison Cronin is based in West Cork, and is a founding member of Shape artist’s studio, Skibbereen. Alongside her own art practice she works as Schools and Youth Coordinator at Uillinn, West Cork Arts Centre, where she develops art projects with children and young people based on the gallery programme. She has a BA (Hons) in Visual Art (Dublin Institute of Technology Sherkin Island).



 Life ↔consuming↔Time’, etchings by Corinna Schroeder-vFrihling

wind of time col etch small

Official opening Saturday 21 March at 4 pm

March 20 - April 16 

In this exhibition Corinna offers her views of the mutually consuming relationship between life and time from a variety of perspectives. The prints are made on copper or zinc plates using the techniques of dry-point, aquatint, verni mou, soap-ground and several different engraving tools and acid. No photographic or digital processes were involved.

Each piece is unique and is hand printed in her Doolin studio.

‘The works focus on small things like a leaf on the wind or a spider in its web or bigger events happening in life and time not necessarily to me or today’, Corinna says. ‘That is why some of the works included will be from some years back fitting the theme by title or documenting times gone by’.

Corinna chose to hold this exhibition in the Courthouse Gallery’s first-floor Red Couch area because it is an intimate space where people will be able to sit down and perhaps find a quiet moment for themselves to reflect on the thoughts her work creates.

‘Etching, painting, drawing are my ways to let other people take part in my feelings and visions of the world,’ Corinna says. ‘I think myself a kind of visual story teller. I hope to give people a reason to focus on simple things and deeper thoughts.’

Corinna is of German origin but has lived for nearly 20 years in Doolin, where she works from her own printing studio. Her work has been shown in many solo and group exhibitions in Germany, France, Belgium, Norway, Ireland, Canada and Bulgaria, and her prints can be found in The Americas Biennial Exhibition research archives in the United States. In 2011 she published a book combining wood engravings and poetry titled ‘APHORISMS–aphorisms & wood engravings’.


Corinna Schroeder-vFrihling is available for interview.