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The Space Between by Sarah Fuller and Maria Kerin

This exhibition presents a film installation, ‘Other Possibilities’ in the main gallery by Sarah Fuller, and a series of presentation-performances, ‘Actualities’ by Maria Kerin. July 15th -  August 11th 2016

Since 2007 Fuller and Kerin have often met to explore playfully and experiment through an open ended creative process that has centred on embodied movement. Out of these movement sketches a shared theme revealed itself; The Space Between.

Sarah Fuller investigates this through an artistic response to memory loss and dementia, exploring the abstract space between what is there and what has past. This body of work was kindly supported by The Arts Council, Create, and the Clare Arts Office and is the result of a long period of research and development with people affected by dementia. It incorporates storytelling, shadow, object play and moving image.

Maria Kerin investigates this through somatic movement exploring inherited identity, focusing on arthritis from the female line of her family, expressed through a participatory presentation-performance with emphasis on hands.

The raised space in the gallery will hold the W.B. Yeats Outrider friendship calendar, curated by Maria Kerin, which includes work by Sarah Fuller, Maria Kerin and Sven Eric Stanberg who is also exhibiting in the Red Couch Space at this time.

Maria and Sarah Image