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 Indicators of Air Quality / New work by Josephine Quigley

Josephine Quigley is a native of Glasson, Athlone where her childhood summers were spent at her Grandparents’ home in Inchmore off the shores of Lough Ree. This picturesque and idyllic Island was Josephine’s rich source of inspiration and first introduction to explore Nature and Beauty. These early memories would never leave her. 28 - October 28 2016




"Walking through County Clare and Galway, along Beaches, through Forests, Parks, Graveyards and the Burren, I saw their colours, shapes and patterns, and felt their textures. I was inspired to paint these amazing Lichens. This collection of art works, using the mixed media of watercolour and ink, depict the rich variety of Lichens found throughout this truly beautiful country. Observation and research into these Lichens excited me as an artist and led to exploring them throughout my work."


The aim of this exhibition is to encourage everyone to take a moment to look, and to take time to absorb what is everywhere around us, appreciating the Air Quality in which these captivating Lichens thrive.


Josephine has enjoyed her Journey through these splendid landscapes seascapes, urbanscapes.


“Céad fáilte romhat agus bain taitneamh as”


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