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Mortal Engines: Episode 4 The Pando Edition by Harry Walsh Foreman

The Courthouse Gallery & Studios is delighted to re-open to the public and present Mortal Engines: Episode 4: The Pando Editio by Harry Walsh Foreman in The Main Gallery from 12 noon, 14th May - Saturday 12th June 2021.

Harry Walsh Foreman is a visual artist living and working in Dublin. His ongoing project subtitled “Mortal Engines” has been concerned with creating a graphic reflection of the people and places he encounters in his daily life.

For his most recent body of work, he has been constructing a daily journal of drawings and paintings during lockdown which attempts to shine a humorous slant on the daily monotony we have been subjected to. Altogether these works will create an immersive tale based in the 5KM we have found ourselves ensconced in.

When this pandemic started we all found ourselves in the same situation. How to use our own sensibilities and artistic practice to best try to make sense of the new world we find ourselves in. This drive to create has wrought a series of daily sketches which range from the mundane to the utterly surreal. It is a journal of the people and events which are surrounding us in these locked downtimes. Using humour and semi-imagined situations the artist has created a new semiotic language that depicts what life has been like on a personal level for the last year and a half.

This installation has emerged from these drawings and consists of a number of wall-based drawings which depict the immediate 5 KM around my house in Dublin with a series of pastel pieces that depict the imagined interiors of people's houses as I pass by them. Finally there are a number of stand-alone figures which create an immersive situation for the audience to explore together.

He recently completed an MFA in Painting at NCAD, graduating in 2018 and he graduated from The BA. in Fine Art Painting in 2016. Recent shows include the 190th Annual RHA show, Highlane Gallery open 2020, Futures: Series 3 Episode 3 in the RHA Gallery, The Cairde Visual in The Model Gallery, Sligo, the Courthouse Gallery and studios inaugural Summer exhibition in Ennistymon, Co. Clare and Catalyst Arts recent graduate show in Belfast.