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Tangible Visible Form


The Courthouse Gallery & Studios is pleased to present Tangible Visible Form by David Booth, John Rainey, Lee Welch, Mary Ronayne, Owen de Forge and Sandra Hickey.


The exhibition continues the cultural programme Gaze Upon. Tangible Visible Form will open on Tuesday the 1st of February

and run until the 26th, open Tues to Sat, 12 to 5 pm. The exhibition

is Free and open to all.


The Gaze Upon Programme explores the notion that within the artistic world,

movements tending towards unification of idea and thought are powerless

when confronted with the explosion of artistic practice, research and the

wealth of emerging and established multidisciplinary visual artists.


Contemporary visual arts in Ireland now tend to pursue ideas across

all human experience, it pushes to inform or create, to form new experiences

or ways of looking at the world. Artists have always had the power to create

new, important and meaningful connections for viewers to ideas of anthropological

relevance and importance, which in turn facilitates meaningful encounters with culture.


Tangible Visible Form brings together six artists who are all working and exploring the

human form and physicality in different and unique ways. The exhibition curated

by Simon Fennessy Corcoran spawned an opportunity to explore how the artists

view the world through their unique styles of physical interpretation. The artists

explore notions of the figure in abstracted and surreal ways to discuss various

wider social and physical elements of life and history. This ranges from modern

sculptural forms spawned by classical influences to an exploration of social stories

and histories of an individual through satirical implementation of painting and digital

techniques and much more.