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Textured by Kaja Wittmer

Preview: Friday 4th March at 6:00 pm, Ancient Camera by David Lunney in the main gallery

Ancient Camer by David Lunney in the main gallery & Textured by Katja Wittmer in the Red Couch Gallery. The exhibition is free and all are welcome.


Katja Wittmer’s exhibition “Textured” focuses on her extensive use of raw materials to create luscious textures in her paintings. Her use of wax, pigments, sand, plaster and paint results in a myriad of layers that invite you to explore varying degrees of perception. “In my paintings, I explore the complex facets of humankind, the highs and lows, light and shadows, beauty and distortion, love and hate.” Katja Wittmer is an artist based in Ennis, Co. Clare, whose paintings have been exhibited nationally, as well as in the United States, Austria, China, Germany, India and the Philippines. The central theme in her art deals with emotional liberation, as she is fascinated by the exploration of the "emotional abyss", discovering what is hidden beneath. She employs dripping paint, bold colours and multi-layered textures to provoke movement, elicit mysticism, and to engage the viewer's subconscious, challenging the boundaries of perception. Katja Wittmer’s latest exhibition “Textured” is her second exhibition of 2022 following her successful solo exhibition “If not now, then when!”. Her appeal and reputation continue to grow as one of Ireland’s most exciting and talented abstract artists.