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Chrysalis; Annual QQI Exhibition

The Courthouse Gallery & Studios is delighted to host the annual exhibition from Ennistymon School of Art, preview on Thursday, April 7th from 6 pm and running until April 17th.


The 2022 exhibition is titled “Chrysalis”. The Art School, which is affiliated with Ennistymon Vocational School, is run through the Limerick & Clare ETB. Running from mid-September until May it offers QQI awarded PLC courses in Level 5 and Level 6.


Viewers will be treated to a diverse range of artworks and practices such as drawings, paintings, sculpture, ceramics and combined materials and installation pieces. “Chrysalis” describes the nature and process of development, and transition that occurs during the creative cycle. Each student engaged with this process as part of their experience on the course.


Students explored and developed themes that were personal to them through taking part in modules including Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Combined Materials, Ceramics and Design. Central the course is the concept of creating a “Community of Practice” where students learn practical crafts skills and knowledge through modules, while simultaneously developing individually and as a group to create and evaluate artwork together. The studio is an environment that is inclusive, open and creative.


Keep an eye on our social media for a sneak preview of artworks;

Twitter: Ennistymon Vocational School @EnnistymonVS


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