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Transcending Landscape: Painting with Emotion and Memory

Transcending Landscape: Painting with emotion and memory, Thursday 7th April, 6 pm in The Red Couch Gallery Space on the second floor.


As part of Creative Engagement programme 2021-2022, Scoil Mhuire invited artist Sara Foust to work on ‘Transcending Landscape: Painting with emotion and memory’ collaborative project with Transition Year & 5th Year students alongside their art teacher, Ellen Mc Mahon. 


A series of workshops with artist Sara Foust was carried out throughout the duration of this project. 

During this time, students visited the artist and her gallery in their local town of Ennistymon, Co. Clare.


Students took inspiration from Sara’s landscapes, concepts, processes and application of paint & her vivid use of colour in order to inspire their work. 


Students gathered research, locally, and took an onsite visit to typical landscape spots around their local town and surrounding areas as inspiration for their own work. 

Students created work ‘en plein air’ and then began to create paintings back in the classroom environment. 


Throughout this project students were guided by Sara Foust and their art teacher where they were encouraged to create work that evokes emotion and/or memory in the landscape. 


“These paintings are expressive, colourful and demonstrate the enthusiastic approach students took to creating work inspired by Sara” -Ellen Mc Mahon, Art Teacher