Figurative Seven

Preview: 6 pm, Friday, 23rd September, the exhibition will run until Oct 22rd 2022.

Christopher Lindhorst
Fiona Si Hui
Jialin Long
Mick O’Dea
Peter Bradley
Tom McLean
Will O’Kane

Figurative Seven commissioned seven artists working in a diverse range of practices including painting, photography and video work to create two new works, one of a person who they love dearly and another of someone they may have lost touch with over the years or over the last 2 years of lockdowns and our inability to meet up and socialise with those we love.

The idea is to reconnect us to the people we love and miss and create an artistic reconnection with people. We often take for granted the human need for connection, support and love from those around us and allow our hectic and busy lives to get in the way of the important support and love we receive from our friends and family.


The resulting work will bring something unique to the discourse of art at the moment and form a positive and emotive exhibition of new work which engages both the artists and the audience in this conversation and acknowledgement of these important relationships. The exhibition will be framed by the artists own unique practices and ways of working and the information provided on the subjects/participants in the creation of the work.

The number and variety of artists has been carefully selected to bring a unique voice to the exhibition and in terms of the space available in the gallery to host the work.