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An exhibition of photographs by Niall Kerrigan and Patrick McHugh from May 4 - May 30. The opening will be on Sat. May 4th at 4pm. All welcome

Off Season - Photography by Niall Kerrigan 

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The concept of Off Season comes from the months when holiday homes/villages are unoccupied, the atmosphere this creates and the sense of life in suspended animation; reminiscent of the famine villages.

Shops in small, seaside towns waiting for the tourist business to come back; colourful playgrounds and amusements sitting empty.

Unlike the famine villages there is a justifiable expectation of renewed life but for the moment - ‘Off Season’- they are virtually deserted. Buildings and amenities lose their function. There is a dereliction that creates an atmosphere that, not surprisingly, has suggested itself as the setting for menacing tales to unfold in, in both literature and film.

There is also a great beauty to this abandonment; it allows everything to be seen at its most fundamental, allowing a clarity of vision and attention to detail impossible during high season. Since moving from city life to a seaside village five years ago this aesthetic has seeped into my consciousness and ‘Off Season’ is my attempt to portray its desolate beauty.

Niall Kerrigan is an award winning graphic designer originally from Dublin, now based in Killala, County Mayo. Since moving to Mayo, he has documented the area he lives and works in through the medium of photography which includes his first major body of work; Derelict: Silent & Still an exhibition inspired by the architecture of abandonment.

The Fabric of the West of Ireland - Potography by Patrick McHugh

[caption id="attachment_801" align="alignnone" width="199"]Patrick McHugh - Gerard Ginnane Patrick McHugh - Gerard Ginnane[/caption]

It is the textures or fabric of the west of Ireland that effects my work wherever I go, be it in my personal, editorial or advertising work. I find texture or fabric tends to be evident in much of my photography. The texture or fabric of a face, a surface, a tree, a landscape seems to be ever evident. This exhibition shows some personal work and some of my published editorial work with a strong emphasis in Black and White photography.

Although born in Ireland, Patrick McHugh spent his early years in Greenwich Village, New York City, returning to spend his teenage years in Ireland. After graduating from St. Flannans, Ennis, he rode the wave of emigration out of Ireland, returning to NYC to study at the School of Visual Arts and at Parsons School of Art and Design.
Assisting in New York and London at some of the more established photography studios introduced him to the world of editorial fashion and advertising. And after building a fashion portfolio in Madrid, opened a 2000 sq. ft. studio near the Guinness Headquarters in Dublin, Ireland. Four years later again returning to New York to set up in the Greenwich Village.
Patrick spent a decade concentrating in the Big Apple on Editorial Magazine and Catalog fashion photography. In 2001 he moved to one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, Barcelona, basing his office in the intrinsic barrio of El Borne for several years.
Today he is an established fashion and advertising photographer based in the west of Ireland.
Dividing his time between commercial and personal photography projects. His work has appeared in a wide array of national and international magazines, brand clients have included Aer Lingus, McDonald’s, Mazda, Time Inc. and some of Patrick’s personal projects have featured in Communication Arts, the New York Photo Festival and the Royal Hibernian Academy.


FETAC Exhibition Opening: Thursday 18th April at 7pm.
FETAC 2013
The Ennistymon Vocational School Exhibition (Fetac Level 5 & 6) will be running from April 18th to April 26th. The exhibition shows the creative journey of a varied group of students. The variety and exploration of the media and subject matter is explored through Drawing, Painting, Ceramics, Textiles, Sculpture, and Installations. These unite to make an exciting body of work.

15 March – 11 April 2013, Opening reception: Friday 15 March at 8pm

Brenda Byrne is an award winning artist and illustrator, based in North Clare and working as a resident artist at The Courthouse Studios & Gallery.

In this new collection of work Geography of the Heart  Brenda takes her collage work in a new direction as it takes on a more textured and tactile feel through her use of multi -layering fabrics, papers and  threads to create a collection of work that appeals to not just the eye but also to the touch.

Brenda Byrne Liscannor

Geography of the Heart is essentially a "snapshot" into the inner landscape of the artist on any particular day, in any particular moment.
Her work draws heavily on the surrounding landscapes of North Clare and the Burren.
The ever changing coastline, the ebb and flow of the changing tides - yet the work takes on at times an almost abstract feel as she breaks down the outer landscapes into tiny slivers of paper and materials and through connection to her emotional world she creates the feeling of the landscape.

Brenda is also the founder and director of The Ennis Yoga Studio which she established in 2008 to share her love of Yoga and Mindfulness Practices.  And she is a Co-Founder of The Ennis Dance Co-Op. A  Co-Op exploring mindfulness through movement of Dance - and her deep rooted spiritual practices are strongly reflected in this beautiful collection of work.

Mindfulness and being "in the moment" plays a huge role in Brenda's life. Through her use of language, texture and light - a sense of being "anchored" in a moment is reflected in each of the pieces in this new exhibition. Inner and Outer worlds are connected and reflected in Geography of the Heart.

Brenda holds a degree in Visual Communications and her work is in collections in both Ireland and abroad including The Office of Public Works, Galway, St James Hospital , Dublin and Crumlin Children's Hospital. Her work has also been published and has featured in Image Interiors, Image Magazine and The Irish Independent & Life Magazine.
Brenda's work has been published as a range of greeting cards in the UK through M.E.G. Publishing House and she has illustrated for UNICEF, Amnesty and The Crafts Council of Ireland.
[caption id="attachment_164" align="alignnone" width="300"]The Son of the Man Who Saves the World  An exhibition by Jim Ricks and Andrew Salomone The Son of the Man Who Saves the World
An exhibition by Jim Ricks and Andrew Salomone[/caption]

an exhibition by Jim Ricks and Andrew Salomone

15 March – 11 April 2013

Opening reception: Friday 15 March at 8pm

The Son of the Man who Saves the World is a two-person exhibition featuring works that playfully engage with notions of authorship, collaboration, derivative work, and pizza by Jim Ricks and Andrew Salomone.

Despite having not worked directly together since 2006, both Jim Ricks and Andrew Salomone have pursued similar art practices after attending the Burren College of Art Masters programme. That is, they both use equal parts humour, approximation, and appropriation to create work and have much in common as artists making their own highly fallible versions of things.

By coincidence, they both applied, separately, to work with the Courthouse Gallery many years ago. About 3 years ago they were both contacted to have a two person show. At that time the Gallery committee were unaware that they knew each other. Both artists were delighted to accept.

They decided to work in tandem to create the exhibition, each expressing his own practice, yet responding to one another. The title is a translation of the sequel to a Turkish film more commonly know as Turkish Star Wars. The film used, without permission, the battle scenes from Star Wars in a completely unrelated way to fit their own narrative, which is not unlike the way that Jim Ricks and Andrew Salomone each make their own work.

Ricks will be producing an idea Salomone came up with in 2006. Andrew has no recollection of this idea. It will be a series of paintings that are reproductions of artwork found in the Simpson’s TV series. This builds off Ricks’ own interest in institutional critique and epistemology. Salomone will be creating works from his studio in Brooklyn, NY and taking into consideration the distance both between himself and the show. Works in development are the latest in a series of conceptualist pizza deliveries, and significantly utilising a hacked knitting machine to create Rubber Bandits wool balaclavas, a custom made jumper to be worn the opening night, and a range of other knitted wears. He will also include video and photo documentation of previous works.

saved the world

Jim Ricks earned his MFA from the National University of Ireland, Galway/Burren College of Art programme and received his BFA from the California College of the Arts. He has exhibited numerous solo and group shows throughout Ireland and internationally. Originally from California, he has lived in Ireland for nearly 8 years and currently has a studio in Temple Bar Gallery & Studios. He has an upcoming solo show at The Hugh Lane Dublin City Gallery.

Originally from Southern California, Andrew Salomone received an MFA from the National University of Ireland and has exhibited throughout the Republic of Ireland. He's lectured on internet art practice at Parsons the New School for Design and his work has been featured on ABC’s 'Good Morning America' as well as several art and technology websites, including: boing boing, Gizmodo, The Guardian, and Makezine. Andrew currently lives and works in Brooklyn.

Supported by the Clare County Council Arts Office. Special thanks to The Roadside Tavern and Burren Smokehouse.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/431323820294338/


The Courthouse Gallery is delighted to announce the publication of CIRCUS EUROPE published by Salmon Poetry, a book of art & poetry to coincide with the exhibition at the Courthouse Gallery from Saturday 12th January – 1st February


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CIRCUS EUROPE: an international collaboration featuring Poetry & Images
Magician [Spain]  by Machteld van Buren
Collages by Machteld van Buren (The Netherlands).
From Saturday 12 January – 1 February 2013
Official opening 12th January
4 pm – Reading and book launch
5 pm – Launch of the exhibition

Closing reception with artist talk and panel discussion: 1 February at 7pm
The theme of the panel discussion is: Questioning Europe’s Future

The series of works titled ‘Circus Europe’are created by Machteld van Buren in 2012. The eight large collages illustrate how the struggle for survival is being waged in various European countries.

Eight poets were invited to offer their interpretation of these images. The Irish poets taking part in this project are Jo Slade, Frank Golden, Jessie Lendennie and Patrick Chapman.
The Dutch poets are Arnoud van Adrichem, Martin Reints, Lieke Marsman and Peter van Lier.
Publisher Salmon Poetry, based in Co Clare, will publish a booklet of this project in an English edition. The collages are to be exhibited in both Ireland and the Netherlands.
After the Act (France) by Machteld van Buren

Machteld van Buren is an established artist and her work is in the collections of the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, the Centraal Museum in Utrecht and the Fries Museum in Leeuwarden. (http://www.machteldvanburen.nl/)

In this project she reflects on the tensions and uncertainties that exist in the present-day European Union which, although it is presented under the banner of a common flag, has always been a patchwork of independent nations. The current crisis has made it clear that a ‘United States of Europe’ is still a long way off. In the future, further disintegration is perhaps a more likely prospect than political union.
The collages explore how the struggle for survival is being waged in various European countries. Most of the countries are depicted as an animal: the body consists of a map onto which the realistic head of an animal has been superimposed.
Piaffe by Machteld van Buren
Great Britain is portrayed with a number of horses’ heads, which form part of the landscape. The awkward juxtaposition of these figures suggests that the UK is not only struggling with its position within the EU, but is also divided by internal strife. Germany appears to be a bird of prey – not the traditional eagle, but a vulture. The juggling acts which these circus animals have to perform to keep themselves going are indicative of how each nation functions. But just how the stunts work is not entirely clear.
Rather than leaving it to politicians to define the Europe of today and tomorrow, it would be good to have artists depict it as well. Given the tone of the debate, alternatives with a playful or visionary element might actually be quite useful.
So let the fun begin: ‘Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Circus Europe!’

=± EQUATION ±= an exhibition by Sarah Lundy
In the Red Couch Space

=± EQUATION ±= features an edited body of recent work by Clare based multimedia artist Sarah Lundy to be shown in the Red Couch space, Ennistymon Courthouse Gallery.
opening 12th January 2013 at 4pm.
Sarah Lundy
Lundys work mediates purely formalist concerns and contemporary conceptualism. Through the use of moving image, assemblage of quotidian objects and ephemeral performance materials, the works endeavour to negotiate provocative arrangement and questions autonomy in the face of homogenization. Her practice involves the production of stoic visual accounts of the experience of the individual through consideration of the inevitable synthetic systemization of language, labour and behaviour. The aesthetic is post-minimalist with a focus on eloquent paradoxes of form and function, and their relationship to the notion of identity.
_ Sarah Lundy 2012

Lundy is a visual artist and curator based in county Clare. She holds a BA hons in Arts, English & Philosophy & MA 1st Hons in Arts Policy & Practice from NUI Galway, plus a distinction certificate in Professional Art Practice from GTI. Currently she is studying part-time for her MFA with the OCA & is Front of House Manager at Glor Arts Centre, Ennis, Clare and holds a voluntary position of administrator with GUAC. She has exhibited in selected group exhibitions in 126 Gallery, Galway, Catalyst Arts Belfast, Mad Art Gallery, Dublin, Carnegie Arts Centre, Kerry, Galway Arts Centre and Tactic Cork amongst others. Having completed a curatorial internship at The Model, Sligo recent curatorial projects include Void:Volume international group exhibition at Galway Arts Centre, November 2011 & Television group exhibition, Tactic, Cork in association with MART, September 2012.She was recently selected for a group screening at Riverbank Arts Centre, London at the Irish Film Festival, London, November 2012. Further video work can be seen at www.mart.ie.

From FEB 16 – MARCH 7, 2013
Official opening Saturday, February 16, at 4 pm

Everybody welcome and  meet the artist.

In the exhibition, David Skinner presents a series of landscape paintings that focuses on the Burren area of County Clare. Originally based in California, the artist is known for employing a bright palette and expressive brushwork in paintings that strike a balance between abstract and representational art. In this new body of work, Skinner draws inspiration from the unique light of the Irish winter, depicting the long shadows and vibrant colours that announce themselves once the sun has broken through the clouds. Since moving to Ireland last fall, he has been busy exploring the back roads of the Burren, taking photographs to use as source material back in the studio. The traditional cottages that appear in some of the works are referenced less as lodgings and more as shapes that the land accommodates. For this show, the paintings are primarily small works (25 x 25 cm), painted with acrylics on watercolour paper. Seen together, these small paintings provide an evocative view of an intriguing and ancient region of Ireland.

David Skinner is a Los Angeles-based artist who has exhibited extensively in the United States over the past twenty-five years in galleries and international art fairs. He is currently on a six-month art residency at the Burren College of Art and will exhibit his new paintings of Ireland in a solo show at the Elder Art Gallery in Charlotte, North Carolina, in the fall.


From FEB 16 – MARCH 7, 2013
Official opening Saturday 16th February at 4 pm

Everybody welcome and meet the artists.

The upcoming exhibition at the Courthouse Gallery, Ennistymon will show new paintings and drawings by Leonard Graham and John Cullen. Both artists work in an expressive style.

Leonard's works are very spontaneous and almost primitive in their application. He wants to simplify drawing right down to its base form. “I clear my head of any preconceived notions and let the stream of conscience flow”, he says. “What is left is a deeply buried background noise manifest onto paper.” 

Leonard Graham was born in Limerick and raised in Co. Clare. He graduated from Limerick School of Art in 2000 with a degree in fine art printmaking and a higher diploma in art teaching. He has had a variety of solo and group exhibitions in Ireland, England and on-line. He also teaches art and design in Cork and is currently working on a graphic novel due in 2014.

John Cullen's paintings are inspired by the distressed images of boxers’ faces.  
Through use of colour, composition and surface he tries to convey emotional states – courage, fear, anger, uncertainty, humiliation etc. “As such the paintings are metaphors for the state of humanity within the context of the current economic downturn”, he says. 
“They are also very much about paint, and my attempts to apply and manipulate it until the painting  takes on a life of its own, or becomes something independent.  To this end layering and the use of impasto are vital to the process.  I prefer to work on one painting at a time, giving it everything I can until it is resolved or destroyed.  It is this tightrope between resolution and destruction that is the challenge for me as an artist.”  

John Cullen was born in London and is resident in Ireland since 1995.  He lives and works in Sligo. He graduated from Sligo I.T in 2009 with a degree in Fine Art. Since then he had various solo and group exhibitions in Ireland.
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