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Friday 21st Sept.  in the gallery - free event

Culture Night / Film Night


Fungie 4 min
Fungie…as Gaeilge

 Filmed and edited by Carles Casasin

Loophead Studio

Twilight 2000 -7 min

Filmed and directed by Naoimi Wilson

In TWILIGHT we are drawn into a magical world where discarded objects and beach debris take on a life of their own. A flotsam and jetsam fairy dance is disturbed and all hell breaks loose. Beautifully filmed using real objects with a complex textural soundtrack.

Rehy Fox 2002 -6.5 min

Adapted from a tale told by Marty Keane from West Clare

Directed and animated by Naoimi Wilson

Sound and music by Brian Doyle

An ancient tale from the Loop Head peninsula about a fox who outwits all those around him. Told in drawings made of local sand

Among Strangers 2005 -11 min

Director/Writer/Animator – Naoimi Wilson

Producer Nessa King, Metropopitan Films

On a beach in the 1920's a young boy sneaks into an old fisherman's hut and encounters the magical world of the 'selchie' or grey atlantic seal. Based on a true story and told in drawings made of beach sand - the place where the world of the land meets the world of the sea...

An Cailleach Bheara 2007-  8 min

Director/Writer/Editor –Naoimi Wilson

Cailleach Bhearra was dependent on this one thing... every 100 years she must return to the water, for as soon as ever she bathed herself, her youth was renewed and she became again a young girl... filmed using pixilation and time lapse techniques with large puppets on location... treated to look like old scratched footage, AN CAILLEACH BHÉARRA attempts a poetic treatment of an ancient myth...

Sphere – 3.12min

Hoji Tsuchiya

A man working in office and he going to travel during the his work time.

Also another animation piece by Hoji Tsuchiya

Animation Works

Tides of Change - 25 min

'Casadh na Taoide' / 'Tides of Change'  by Ken O'Sullivan 

 from theTG4 series called 'Farraigí na hÉireann' -   Sea Fever Productions

 The film is 25 minutes long and examines the changing nature of our relationship with the sea and it’s creatures from the original subsistence coast folk of 9,000 years ago and the traditions they have handed down, to the ‘super-trawler’ fishing fleet and the current state of our oceans

at 8.30pm

Lay There Little Baby  - 8 mins.

Lay There Little Baby'  film with Paddy Mulcahy.  

Fergus Tighe 

Gallivanting Media

West Cork -5 min
West Cork is set at St. Gobnait’s monastic site and is based on the poem West Cork - Gobnaits' Bed ; Rag Tree ; Holy Well  by the late Seán Dunne

Filmed and edited by Carles Casasin

Voice and original soundtrack by Mick O'Riordan

Produced by Tony Kirby of Kilnaboy

Ollie Age Seven - 2.30 min

'Ollie Age Seven'.a film by James Skerritt 

 This is a short film about surfer Ollie O'Flaherty as his seven year old self talks about the winter ahead.

Three Instrument Makers -14 min

‘Three Instrument Makers’  a short film made by Packmule Films  documenting three  instrument makers Paul Dooley, Davy Spillane and Martin Doyle who live and work in North Clare

Packmule Films

Dylan Phillips

Marcus Campbell  

Circus Man. -12min

Tom Duffy has travelled the roads of Ireland with his family circus  since the day he was born. His ancestors have made the same journey  since 1789. 'Circus Man' moves through Tom's memories as he fights to stay on the road.The film subtly explores his world, as thoughts of tradition, family,  home and his ailing body occupy his mind..Circus Man presents a unique insight into the curious and enduring  world of traditional circus."

Twopair Films 

Jill Beardsworth and Keith Walsh

A Room in Air - 22 min

In the summer of 2010 poet and visual artist Frank Golden left the Auxiliary Workhouse in Ballyvaughan

where he had lived for over a decade. He wanted to mark his departure from this stark and still resonant space.

He decided to make a film.

When the space itself had been fully prepped Golden cast the film, co-opting the talents of seven local actresses, Theresa Leahy,

 Aja Daly, Marie Flanagan, Judith McGann, Jenny Morton, Tamar Keane, and Dympna Hyland.
A ROOM IN AIR, which runs to 22 minutes, is in two parts. The first part is contemporary, the second a symbolic re-enactment. The film explores the R way in which the famine proved to be a psychic and emotional fault line for Irelandand its people. It suggests that the implosion of society which occurred during the famine, and the institutionalisation which was initiated through the workhouses had a lasting impact.

Writer – Frank Golden

Filmed by Fergus Tighe

Break ….

at 9.45pm

Melodious Conversation  -1min

The poetry of a conversation with the melody played on violin mimicking the human voice.

Josie O'Connor

Blowing Ribbons -2 min

The piece is entitled Blowing Ribbons by Fiona O'Dwyer

The Road of Souls - 18min

The Road of Souls' is about a moment in time that captures the imagination of an eleven year old boy. The story follows Patrick as he discovers a stranger in his life has more to offer than he first thought. Set in CountyClarein the 1950's, the film is a charming tale of childhood memories and the moments that we remember forever. The cast is lead by 11 year old Emmet O’Doherty who shines as Patrick



Patrick – Emmet O’Doherty

Rory Dubh – Michael Keane

Patrick Senior – Peter Daffy

Mary – Maura Clancy

Voiceover – Pat Costello


Director – Garret Daly

Writer – PJ Curtis

Producers – Garret Daly, PJ Curtis

Sound – Carl Mullan

Camera Assitants – Robert Murray, Lorna Gargan

Camera – Garret Daly

Mixed Bag Media