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All Ireland Poetry Day

Salmon Poetry in the gallery
to Celebrate All-Ireland Poetry Day 2012
Thursday October 4th at 7.30pm

Free event

In association with Poetry Ireland, Salmon Poetry invites you to celebrate All-Ireland Poetry Day 
Poets reading on the night are:

Peadar O'Donoghue
Afric McGlinchey
Paul Casey
Angela Patten
Daniel Lusk

Afric McGlinchey whose debut collection, The lucky star of hidden things, was published by Salmon earlier this year. Afric grew up in Africa and now lives in Co. Cork.  "Afric McGlinchey belongs to an endangered species: she sees the world through the eyes of her soul."  Paul Durcan

Paul Casey whose debut collection, home more or less, was also published by Salmon this year.

"Paul Casey is a truly international poet whose work is informed by languages from Irish and French to those of Africa, and his experiences of that continent enormously enrich this book. His creatively homeless imagination enables him to respond to his themes innovatively and with great formal variety; beyond that, a linguist's ear, his sharp mind and wide-open heart make 'home more or less' a collection that truly merits international attention."  Ian Duhig

Peadar O'Donoghue, author of Jewel (Salmon, 2012). Another debut collection, from the editor of the Poetry Bus Journal.

"I'm amazed by [this] book. Stark nihilism, bittersweet, interspersed with incandescent lyricism."  John Wakeman

Angela Patten, author of Reliquaries (Salmon, 2007), was born and grew up in Dublin but now lives in the United States where she teaches at the University of Vermont.

"Poetry asks of us what we yearn for deeply-to be present each moment. Angela Patten's poems speak to that yearning. She is able to weave the accurate feelings that accompany large and small incidents. And she is able to summon the sheer texture of realization and bafflement, that bittersweet dance that even death does not undo..." Baron Wormser

- Daniel Lusk hails from Iowain the United States and now lives in Vermont. He is author of Lake Studies: Meditations on Lake Champlain and Kissing the Ground: New & Selected Poems (Onion River, 1999) (see Books).  He is currently taking part in a reading tour of Ireland with his wife Angela Patten.

All are welcome to attend this All Ireland Poetry Day reading.  Please join us!