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Artist Talk With Marie Connole

[caption id="attachment_3688" align="alignright" width="584"] Marie Connole with her work The Floor of my mind (every flippant thing, watercolour and pencil on paper 2008 -[/caption]

2-3pm Friday 25th May 2018

All are welcome to attend a free artist talk with Marie Connole, who will give an informal guided tour of the work in her new exhibition at The Courthouse Gallery & Studios, Voyages to Kilstipheen. With work spanning over 10 years, the exhibition is a mini survey of the artist's continuing exploration into ideas of how culture and tradition shape the human psyche, using familiar iconography and vernacular symbolism to challenge our conceptions and preconceptions.

[caption id="attachment_3689" align="aligncenter" width="584"] Map, watercolour drawing on map, 2018[/caption]