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Teeth Stronger Than Diamond

Finola Graham // Will O’Kane // Sheila Vollmer // Jackie Askew // Judy O’Sullivan // Christine Porter // Seán Guinan

21st July – 1st September 2018
Opening reception: 7.30-9.30pm Friday 20th July

Seven artists self-curate this exhibition of new and existing work, including painting and sculpture, which will be opened by Úna McCarthy, Director/Curator of Limerick City Gallery, on Friday 20th July at 7.30pm

The idea for the exhibition, Teeth Stronger than Diamond, originated when two of the artists, Judy O’Sullivan and Christine Porter, thought of inviting other artists with similar work approaches to exhibit as a group. Some of the artists had already worked together in the past, or had long standing friendships, and were familiar with each other’s work.

The title for the show came about during a group conversation relating to how limpets leave a ‘home scar’ on rocks with their teeth, marking their place. This seemed an apt metaphor for their own personal obsessions within their work processes. In a related internet search they found the expression Teeth Stronger than Diamond.

“Teeth Stronger than Diamond, as an exhibition, asks questions about us as artists returning continually to our obsessions and the emotional experience that we have while working. These themes were spun out of conversations we had about our work processes, shared histories, and how we all intuitively arrive at what makes a work good, or strong, or successful.

We have also considered the autonomy of the work, and the audience’s connection with the work being outside of our control. The picture is painted, the sculpture is made, but how exposed, and vulnerable, and less than the inspired impulse that generated it, only the artist knows.”