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Eco Printing on Textiles: One-Day Workshop with Mary Fahy



Book here (Places are limited to 12)

More information: Eco Printing with foliage is a relative new art, invented by India Flint in Australia and with a growing number of practitioners worldwide (www.indiaflint.com). It focuses on printing with natural plant based dyes onto natural fibres such as wool, cotton, silk, linen and paper. The aim is to use environmentally sensitive practices without harmful chemicals to produce beautiful decorative and wearable textiles.

Artist and educator Mary Fahy facilitates this one-day workshop, where participants can design and print a number of items of wearable textile art. They will be provided with a silk scarf to print on and will be encouraged to bring other natural materials with them to the workshop for upcycling.

This might include old cotton t-shirts, silk blouses, linen clothing, woollen items, etc. Each participant will also create a hand dyed paper sample that could be turned into a little journal or notebook using bookbinding techniques at a later date. See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ULFIuj1euQ0 for how to make a boiled book.

Mary Fahy is an artist and art educator based in Ennistymon. She has completed an online foundation course in eco printing with Nicola Browne from Kilkenny (www.nicolabrown.ie), and regularly exhibits her paintings in Ireland.