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Graduate Award Exhibition 2020

The Courthouse Gallery is delighted to announce Jialin Long as our Graduate Award Exhibition 2020 awardee to take place in the Red Couch Gallery later this year.

Long (@jialin.long) is a lens-based artist born in Beijing, based outside Dublin. Long graduated with a BA in Photography from IADT in 2020. We are very excited to work with Long this year to stage a very exciting exhibition, very soon we hope. Some examples of the artist's work are below and available through her website.



Red Illuminates

Red illuminates is a multimedia work comprising still and moving images that were created as a reflection on the culture in socialist countries and how loyalty to the state is cultivated. The catalyst for the project was found in a residential area of Beijing where ‘Special Criminal Syndicate Combat’ propaganda posters displayed, on average, every 40 meters. These are presented alongside large-format portraits of so-called ‘young pioneers’ emulating Mao Zedong’s portrait in Tiananmen Square. The moving image piece documents a white orchid blooming under artificial grow lights while ‘listening’ to socialist propaganda from CCTV (China’s official news channel) continuously for 30 days. Could this conditioning eventually turn a white orchid red? I asked this question.


In socialist institutions, educate young generations to form socialist views on the world and ensure political security is a primary concern. “We must consolidate and strengthen guidance to ideological and political in the education system to ensure younger generations become socialist builders and heirs.” stressed by the current Chinese president Xi Jinping.




The Left Over Women

Left Over Women, This project is about women in China who have still not married at 27 years of age and are referred to as Sheng Nu (leftover women). Started in June 2019, this project reflects a social issue that every woman in China has to face in life. Many of them feel under huge pressure from society because of being single. Although women have gained more opportunities and rights in education and careers, they often lose their chance of being a woman in a relationship.


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