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Across Galway Bay

Across Galway Bay, Vincent Kelly, Acrylic on Canvas, 50x75cm, €250
250,00 €


The main inspiration for this painting like all my other Riddle paintings was walking around the cities of Galway and Dublin as when I went to college at NCAD I used to go up to Dublin on a Monday morning and back to Galway on a Friday most weeks this created an experience where I was observing the places I would normally pass though.


I would start to observe random strangers faces, graffiti, and even sometimes the odd bits of food laying out in the open. Observing I realised I was so preoccupied with what I thought I knew was there, was really me just wanting to feel comfortable rather then being okay with being challenged.


I then decided that if I was going to paint landscape paintings I want to make sure the viewer of the painting has to tilt their head and move there body around to see what they think may be there in order for them to become more comfortable with being challenged by what they don’t notice, take time to look, take time to appreciate the normal surroundings of everyday life but in the safe confines of a strategically arranged painting puzzle that is solved through observation and time.