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At Benwee Head

At Benwee Head, Stephanie McLaughlin, 2021, oil, cold wax on mounted panel, 28 x 35cm, €485
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My locality affects everything. The landscape is the context of my expression. It is how I process meaningful experiences. My locality consists of spaces in which we are drawn outside ourselves, and in which the erosion of our lives takes place. My impressions of the landscape capture the essence of a space and time, it is emotional and thoughtful and personal, and a basis for a visual vocabulary that is more universal. During the recent lockdown, my local environment provided me with a sense of timelessness, connection, and emotions. I would describe my work as influenced by inner factors, intuitive, related to memories, senses, emotions. Time found in space stilled. To quote Camille Souter: 'Painting has gathered time into its being, almost as if it were a conversation.'