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Bealtaine, Josephine Geaney, Oil on Canvas, framed, 32x32cm, 300 euro
300,00 €

I’m a visual artist working predominately with the medium of paint. The journey of making a painting makes me complete knowing that this is what I want to do most in life. I love the process and play with mediums, not knowing what the outcome will be, starting the painting with a vague idea and atmosphere of what I want the work to look like but this changes during the process. Mostly the paintings derive from my personal memory of the environment, atmosphere and place. I allow the paint to dictate the outcomes and process. I like to work with cold wax and oil paint using many tools to apply the paint such as squeegees, brushes, household utensils and my own personal favourite is using my hands to apply the paint which gives a looser, fluid and immediate application to the surface. My work is created entirely from my subconscious allowing the mediums to bring forth the idea and mood of which I want to portray. I’m presently making paintings and prints that hold a tension between very flux organic marks to contrast with linear and controlled lines which creates a tension and unease between these mark makings. I use my craft to create art designed to lure the viewer in and challenge them to analyse in order to add their own narrative and emotion to it.