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Coming and Going, Meeting and Leaving

Coming and Going, Meeting and Leaving, Michele Hetherington, 2021, gouache on cotton, 26x 31.5cm, €355
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Michele Hetherington is a Visual Artist and Printmaker living and working in Dublin, Ireland. Her practice emerges from a conceptual and poetical curiosity surrounding ideas of Temporality and Ephemerality, investigated through various mediums such as film, sound, printmaking, drawing and text. Environmental Psychology- an interdisciplinary field seeking to understand how and why our environment impacts us- is heavily influential to this practice. The works are responses to such studies, attempting to understand the complexities of Being, Space and Time, as well as personal contemplations on the seemingly ordinary, the ephemeral moments and the curiousness of Being. As these moments are fleeting, evolving, dissolving or in flux, the work has elements of vulnerability, sensibility, uncertainty, incompleteness, blurring and soft focus.  


Michele is an active member of Graphic Studio Dublin, a professional member of Visual Artists Ireland, and her practice is supported by Fingal County Councils Arts Office. Awards include; Fingal County Council Artists Support Scheme bursaries 2021+2020, and Fingal County Councils Arts Office Graduate Award 2018. Exhibitions to date include; Draíocht; Graphic Studio Gallery; Swords Castle (Solo Show); Lismore Castle Arts; Royal Hibernian Academy; Solstice Arts Centre; Pallas Projects and University of Fine Art, Tokyo, Japan.